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Dog Staycation Essentials

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All of your dog's staycation essentials in one place, so you don't fur-get anything!

Staycation Essentials

Make sure you’re staycation ready with these handy essentials for your dog!

Whether you’re planning your first UK holiday with your pup or your canine is your road-trip companion, we’ve carefully selected our staycation must-haves for making your trip as smooth as possible.

From personalised treat tins for snacks on the go to toys to keep your dog entertained and eco-friendly poop bags for when nature calls, you'll be prepared for all of your pooch's needs.

To make sure your dog is feeling nice and relaxed on their hols, don’t fur-get their home comforts too, be that a plump cushion to fall asleep on or a soft, snuggly blanket to keep them cosy and warm.

And what better place to put all of your dog’s essentials than their own bag! Our dog walkings bags are great for day trips, while our large canvas bags are pawfect for stashing all of your pooch's bits and bobs.