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First Aid Kit for your Dog

Despatched within 24 hours

  • Durable, Compact & Lightweight Design.
  • Pawfect for Dog Emergencies.
  • Includes 36 items.
  • Essential to provide pre-vet assistance.
  • Perfect for dog walks, to keep in the car or the house.
  • Tough weatherproof outer case.


You never know when your Dog might find themselves in a spot of bother. So it’s good to always be prepared!

This handy, travel size First Aid Kit is here to help you care for any minor injuries your dog might face either at home or on the move.

Contents Include:

  • Disposable gloves x 1
  • Scissors (plastic) x 1
  • Tongue depressor x 2
  • Adhesive plaster/Adhesive wound dressing x 1
  • Non-woven tape x 1
  • Alcohol pad x 4
  • Sting relief x 4
  • Silicon tourniquet x 1
  • Standard adhesive bandage x 5 
  • Whistle x 1
  • Safety pins x 10
  • Tweezers x 1
  • Tick remover kit x 1
  • PBT bandage x 1
  • Self-adhesive bandage x 1
  • Feeder x 1


Please note, this First Aid Kit should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary attention, which should be obtained as soon as possible. The contents will provide aid and comfort to your dog for minor injuries, or until professional help is sought if needed. Measures 10.5 x 15.5 x 4.6cm 

This item will typically be delivered within 24 to 48 hours following despatch.

This item can be exchanged within 14 days if it's not suitable. If you wish to return or exchange this item, please contact us to let us know via our chat or email function.

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Everything you need, neatly packed to give me peace of mind. Got one in each car!
Archie icon
Lyn McCall for Archie
14 hours ago
Great little first aid kit. Highly recommended.
Bowie icon
Kelly Weall for Bowie
19 hours ago
Great little first aid kit to keep in the house or take out and about. Already used tick remover.
Toby icon
Jane Fullard for Toby
1 month ago
Great first aid pack,good to take out and about.I do think postage is rather pricey when getting a few things
Ruby icon
June Lee for Ruby
1 month ago
I love this product its perfect for walks with my dog. My friend says it's better than first aid kits for people. I feel reassured knowing I have my kit with me should my dog need it.
Bonnie icon
Charlotte Gadsby for Bonnie
2 months ago