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Personalised Dog Notebooks

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Let your dog inspire your notes

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Pawfect notebooks for dog lovers

Inspawration can strike at any time! Be prepared with one of our beautiful, bespoke notebooks. 

Our notebooks are perfect for everything from note taking to life admin and general scrawling. These aren't those plain lined, paper thin exercise books of your school days. Made with hardback covers and an Anti-Scruff Matte finish, they’ll keep all your thoughts and ideas safe, no matter where you travel.

Filled with 160 lined pages, each of our notebooks are just waiting for you to put pen to paper. Whether you’re a list maker or lyricist, need a place to store your ‘ruff notes’, or enjoy writing stories about you and your favourite dog while you relax with a mug of tea – we’ve got a design for you. 

Each of our notebooks are A5 in size, ensuring a comfortable fit in backpacks, handbags and especially these terrific tote bags…. Customise your cover with a bespoke design and choice of colours to suit your style pawfectly.