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Personalised Dog Towels

Enter your dog's name, select an icon and you'll instantly see EVERYTHING personalised just for your Dog...

The best way pawssible to dry off. Shop personalised towels for you and your dog!

Personalised Dog Towels

Have you got a mucky pup or soggy doggy on your hands? Don’t worry, our personalised dog towels are the pawfect solution! You no longer need to share your towels or bring the oldest rags on walkies. Our super-soft and absorbent dog towels have got you covered. Browse through our range of styles, from towels with dogs on to completely customised styles featuring your four-legged friend. 

Creative and Personalised Dog Towels

Get your dog their very own soft, absorbent, exclusively designed dog towel. We have an array of towels with dogs on to choose from, which will bring a little fun after bath time. They’re also great for taking on muddy walks and keeping in the back of the car. Plus, they can be completely personalised with options to add your dog’s name on, their Yappy icon and photo - so you won't have any mix up with your towels! 

Struggling to get those muddy paws clean again? We have a range of luxurious dog shampoo to get your pup smelling fresh in no time.

Looking for towels with dogs on for you or as a gift? Our designs aren’t just for the dogs. You can get your paws on one too! We have an array of beach towels, so you can impress on your next holiday or invest in some dog tea towels to brighten up the kitchen.

What Size Dog Towel Will I Need?

From Sausage Dog towels to German Shepherd towels, our personalised dog towels are ideal for any pooch. You can choose from medium towels that are 70cm x 140cm* or large towels that measure 80cm x 160cm*. So even the biggest of dogs can get cuddled up and cosy. 

The Best Dog Drying Towels

We know that dogs are likely to make a big splash wherever they go. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When shopping for the best dog drying towels you should look for something:

    •    Absorbent 
    •    Soft 
    •    Easy to wash
    •    Lightweight if you are taking it on walks
    •    Not too fluffy - to prevent chewing fibres

All Yappy dog towels are super absorbent, with a 100% microfibre front and a soft cotton back. They’re also completely machine washable, so your exclusive design will be protected. A microfibre/cotton dog towel is a great choice. It’s lightweight, so perfect for adventures outside, but also not too fibrous. That means your furry friends won't treat it like a chew toy. If chewing is a problem, we have an array of dog toys to keep them occupied!

Join the Pack

Simply browse our range of products and add your dog. Select your dog breed and the icon for your dog, then tell us their name and whether it’s your pooch or someone else you’re buying for. Sit back and we’ll personalise all of our products to suit your dog. Add multiple dogs and join our pack today!

Simply add your dog to see everything personalised specifically for your dog. If you’re looking for some help on ordering or want some guidance on personalisation, our friendly team is always Yappy to help. Just give us a shout and contact us today at help@yappy.com.