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Eight-Shaped Tugger Dog Toy

Despatched within 24 hours

  • A fun, interactive tug toy for your dog
  • Made from cotton and natural twine
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Measures 31cm in length
  • Strong and durable 


Round up your Dog, it’s time for a game of tug of war!

With its figure of eight design, this rope toy is perfect for games of tug of war with your dog and it's great for encouraging natural play.

As it’s made from cotton and natural twine, this tug toy is gentle on your Dog’s teeth and gums and it also help to clean them too! Who said cleaning your teeth couldn’t be fun?

As all dogs play differently, please supervise your dog during playtime and remove this toy immediately if parts come loose or detached.

This item will typically be delivered within 24 to 48 hours following despatch.

This item can be exchanged within 14 days if it's not suitable. If you wish to return or exchange this item, please contact us to let us know via our chat or email function.

Based on 10 reviews
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Sam loved this toy for tug of war, lasting well too - He even takes it and falls asleep with it!
Sam icon
Steve Capes for Sam
11 months ago
Both boys , played pulled, and in tied it, loved it while it lasted
AJ & GIZMO icon
Karen Glendenning for AJ & GIZMO
1 year ago
Only just given it to the dog but seems robust so far - only time will tell
Sydney & Sydney icon
Denise Jaggs for Sydney & Sydney
2 years ago
The eight shaped tugger is very nice and soft and with each end has something to hold on when playing tug of war
Lily & Friends icon
Anita Bailey for Lily & Friends
2 years ago
Fantastic toy wouldn't let anyone else have it I'm going to have to get something that is impossible to distroy cus it's now in Pieces's
Missy icon
Susanmissym Holden for Missy
3 years ago