A unique way to drink a cuppa!

Breakfast tea, soya latte or decaf cappuccino – we have a mug to suit you and your favourite drink. You can perk up your kitchen with our personalised icon mug or choose to warn your visitors with our ‘May contain hair’ mug.

Orwell once wrote that "the measure of a dog crazy pawson is made by the mug they drink from" and although we made that up, our range of bespoke mugs and coasters will ensure that your hot beverage is transported to your mouth in style. Our novelty mugs will make your morning brew a true event. Take a look... they're mugnificent!

Whilst enjoying your favourite brew, we believe it’s impawtant to protect your furniture. So why not take a peek at our coaster range for a true cupgrade. Square- shaped and printed designs in bold hues liven up coffee tables. No matter where you put your drink, these mats make for eye-catching place settings.