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Personalised Towels & Holiday Essentials

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On Your Hols?

Off on your hols? With our personalised dog towels, luggage tags and passport covers, your pooch never has to leave your side! Sun or rain, our fabulous designs are made to add sunshine to your holiday. 

The beach towel – a holiday essential, with over 300 dog icons and silhouettes to choose from on Yappy, you can lay on the beach with your Labrador, paddle in the pool beside your Pug or top up your tan with your Terrier! Available in plenty of vibrant colours to capture that summer vibe (even when it’s cloudy). 

With a bespoke passport cover, let your favourite dog keep your passport guarded from getting ‘ruff’ around the edges. Struggle to find your passport amongst your belongings? With an array of eye-catching designs to choose from, it’ll also make finding your passport easier than spotting a Dalmatian in a line-up of Chihuahuas. 

If you’re after an accessory to distinguish your luggage from the rest of the pack, take a look at our luggage tags – perfect for adding a personal touch to your bags, and for telling others to keep their paws off! 

Is your dog joining you on your next adventure? Our travel accessories are here to make the journey run extra smoothly.