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Dog Shampoo

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Bath time!

We all want the best for our dogs, and we think nothing says ‘I woof you’ more than keeping your pooch clean and healthy. With our range of personalised and deep conditioning dog shampoos, your pooch will feel truly pampered. 

All dogs are different, which is why we’re put together a collection of shampoos suited for lots of breeds and requirements, to ensure healthy, shiny coats for all. From deeply conditioning, to shampoos that’ll have your dog smelling sweetly - we have plenty of options to keep your dog’s coat beautifully clean and healthy.

If your pooch would rather be out playing than being pampered, our Animology range of dog shampoos contain an ‘easy rinse’ technology, great for keeping bath time to a minimum!

For dogs on the go, our Dirty Dawg shampoo is a no-rinse spray, ideal for use as a ‘spot cleaner’ and perfect for a quick clean between washes or when you’re travelling together.

Want your pooch to look extra furbulous? Take a look at our full grooming range. Just don’t blame us when your bathroom is transformed into a dog spa.