What to Put in a New Puppy Gift Basket

It's always incredibly exciting when a fur baby joins the family! Whether you’re about to welcome a new puppy to your family or wondering what to put in a new puppy gift basket, we’ve got you covered. From personalised shampoo to teething toys, blankets and more, read on to discover Yappy’s top 10 gifts that’ll make your welcome gift basket truly pawsome.

10 Cute and Practical Items to Put in a New Puppy Gift Basket  

When you’re about to welcome home a new dog, it’s important to have the basic items ready so that they’re happy and comfortable in their new digs. You’re probably aware of the basic things the newest (and most adorable) member of the family will need, such as a lead, collar and ID tag, a bed, plenty of food and a crate (if there are plans to crate train).

However, whilst these are some of the most common items, there are plenty of other things that will help a puppy settle into their new home, as well as cute and practical presents that new puppy parents will appreciate too. In fact, it’s precisely these often-forgotten items that make wonderful gifts!

Are you ready to create the ulti-mutt new puppy gift basket? Here are our top 10 suggestions.

1. Fluffy Butt Dog Shampoo 

Suitable for pups aged 6 weeks and above, this gorgeous-smelling oatmeal shampoo is a wonderful addition to a new puppy gift basket. With its mild yet deep cleaning action, it’s perfect for removing dirt without stripping essential oils from a puppy’s coat. Plus, the name of this shampoo is sure to make every new puppy parent smile!


2. Personalised Dog Towel

For a puppy, absolutely everything is brand new, so bath time can often be a little chaotic! Luckily, Yappy’s soft and absorbent towels are here to clean up mucky pups and soggy doggies. Featuring a microfibre front and a soft cotton back, these towels offer a winning combination of being soft and cuddly for your pup without being too fluffy (which will prevent puppies from chewing on the fibres).

Did we mention they look super cute, too? At Yappy we have a wide range of colourful designs, all of which can be customised for your puppy, from towels with your dog’s name on them to towels that feature your dog’s photo!

Make sure to check out our blog post on how to bathe a dog too, which includes helpful puppy bath tips.


3. A Chew Toy

Puppies love to chew, fact! Thankfully, this toothy treat toy is a much better option for pups to chew, rather than the furniture. Strong, robust, and perfect for hiding treats inside, this entertaining toy is sure to be a much-loved addition to a new puppy gift basket. As it's made from tough, bite-resistant rubber, it’s also ideal for keeping a dog’s teeth and gums fang-tastically healthy.

4. An Interactive Toy

This fun trainer dog toy will really put new puppies through their paces! With rope laces, a crinkle material sole and a squeaky centre, pups will love to discover all the different textures and materials this squeaker sneaker offers. And, as a bonus, it may just sway pups from nibbling on their hooman’s shoes!


5. Training Treats

We know how much puppies love dog treats, and these scrumptious, paw-shaped biscuits are sure to make every puppy’s tail wag with joy.

Suitable for pups aged 8 weeks and above, these yummy dog biscuits are great as a training incentive or as a treat for good behaviour. Not only are they packed with premium liver, but they contain no added salt or sugar, and are grain and gluten-free too. 

6. A Cosy Dog Blanket

When a new puppy joins the family, it’s important to make them feel welcome, and what better way to provide a warm welcome than with a cuddly dog blanket to rest their paws for one of their many, many naps.

Featuring super soft fleece material, this lightweight fleece blanket is perfect for offering a puppy a cosy place to curl up for a snooze, plus it’ll look gorgeous in every new puppy owner’s home! Make sure to check out our full range of personalised dog blankets today and find you’ll find your favourite in no time.


7. A Personalised Notebook 

This stunning notebook will be a welcome addition to every new puppy owner’s gift basket. Featuring a picture of their pup on the cover, it’s the perfect place for a puppy parent to keep track of all the important dates in their doggie’s diary.

Choose between a classic notebook style with lined pages or a daily planner, which includes a helpful day-to-day planner section and space to keep track of activities, wellness, spends and more. 

8. A Coffee Mug

There’s no doubt about it, having a new puppy is tiring work, which is why every pup parent will appreciate a coffee mug in their new puppy gift basket, especially if their little one has become their new alarm clock! Personalised with their dog’s name and a cute icon that looks just like them, this mug is destined to be their new favourite.

9. Poop Bags

Yep, poop bags will definitely come in handy! When it comes to choosing items for a new puppy gift basket, you can’t go wrong with practical pressies too. Perfect for mess-free walkies, these eco-friendly poop bags are made from ultra-strong, bio-degradable material and you can save a whopping 50% when you buy 5 packs!

10. A Cute Card for the New Puppy Parent

Last but by no means least, a personalised card is a thoughtful way to congratulate a dog owner on bringing home a new puppy. A cute dog card is a perfect way to complete a new puppy gift basket, especially as it can be customised with the new pup’s name and their adorable icon too!

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