How Do Dogs Wear Bandanas? Top Tips for Dressing Your Dog to Impress!


Is your dog a fashionista who needs a new festive outfit added to their closet this Christmas? Perhaps you’re looking for a birthday bandana for your pup that’ll announce it’s their special day. Or, maybe your dog already has an extensive collection of bandanas but you’re looking for the ulti-mutt way to style them.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a guide on how dogs can wear bandanas to make them look super stylish. You may even be tempted to treat your pooch to a new personalised bandana!


So, why do dogs wear bandanas? 

Before your dog is transformed into a furry fashionista, you may want to know exactly why and when your dog should wear a bandana. There are lots of reasons for your pooch to wear a bandana, including the following:

·      As a fashion accessory

·      To identify them when they’re off their lead and in the dark

·      To dry drooling and wet mouths

·      To keep them warm or cool

·      To protect your dog from parasites

·      To keep your dog calm

·      To help your dog smell nice  

Although dog bandanas are mostly worn as a fashion accessory to express your pup’s pawsonality and make them stand out from the pack, bandanas also have practical purposes too!

For instance, bandanas can be soaked in water when it’s hot to help cool your pup down in the summer. Also, by spraying a non-toxic insect repellent, stress-relief pheromone spray or dog cologne spray on the bandana, this fashion accessory can help to calm your canine, make them smell extra fresh, and help make sure they’re parasite-free.

Finally, dog bandanas are pawfect for your pup to wear at special events like birthdays and Christmas. By wearing an adorable bandana, your dog is guaranteed to be the centre of attention during special occasions – right where they belong! 

How do dogs wear bandanas? 

Now for the important part, how exactly should your dog wear their bandana?

Follow this step-by-step guide to get your dog looking extra trendy in their new accessory!  

1. Get your dog to sit

Firstly, it’s a good idea to prepare your dog before dolling them up. In order to get the best results, it’s best that your pooch is seated on a cushion or dog bed. If your pup is already sitting in a relaxed and comfortable position, you’ll be able to style your bandana to its ulti-mutt potential!

If your canine has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, you could always entice them with some dog treats. Once you’ve lured your dog into a comfortable position, they’re ready to be dressed to impress.


2. Fold the bandana

Now it’s time for the bandana! For this, you want to make sure your dog’s bandana is on full display to show off its furbulous design and expaw-ress your canine’s character to its fullest. Therefore, we advise folding the bandana in half diagonally so that it forms a triangle shape. Most dog bandanas are designed in this way so that the whole design is displayed when folded triangularly.

At Yappy, all our bandanas are designed with this way of wearing them in mind, you can check out the full collection here:  

3. Put the bandana on your dog

Now for the most exciting part, it’s time to put the bandana on your pup! After the bandana has been folded into a triangle shape, place it around your dog’s neck and tie it with a square knot. This is when you’ll get to see how adorable your dog looks in their new outfit!

4. Fit the bandana 

Perhaps the most important part of the process is making sure that your pup’s bandana fits pawfectly.  To do this, pull the ends of the bandana to tighten the knot until the ends don’t move any further. Take a few steps back and examine how the bandana looks on your dog. From this, you can adjust accordingly by either tightening or loosening the bandana. Throughout this blog post, you can check out lots of su-paw cute pictures of dogs wearing their Yappy bandanas for reference!

5. Make sure your dog is comfy

Finally, you want to make sure that your dog’s bandana fits comfortably on them. To do this, put two fingers underneath the bandana to make sure that it isn’t too tight. Your dog’s bandana should look super stylish whilst fitting them to a tea.

Now your dog is looking like a supermodel and ready for the cat (or dog) walk in their new outfit, it’s the perfect time to reward them with a cheeky dog treat for sitting still whilst you made them look pawgeous!   

Alternative ways to tie bandanas

Now that we’ve guided you through the most popular way for dogs to wear bandanas, there are many other ways to make your dog look extra fashionable in their new wardrobe staple! For instance, you can twist your dog’s bandana around so that it rests on their back, and they can wear it as a makeshift cape. This works pawfectly if you want to transform your pup into a superhero with our personalised superhero bandana.


You can also tie your dog’s bandana into a bow tie if they’re your plus one at a formal event like a wedding or christening. And, if you and your pup get invited to a black tie event, you may be better off paw-chasing a special tuxedo bandana. Whatever the event or occasion is, Yappy has a huge range of bandanas in all sorts of colours and sizes to suit your pup’s unique style, perfect for all sorts of occasions.

If you want to dress your pup to impress throughout the holidays, make sure to check out our jolly range of Christmas bandanas, perfect for your Santa’s little helper to wear and join in with the festive fun.



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