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Did you know that January is Walk Your Dog Month? With the aim of encouraging daily exercise during what’s typically deemed a pretty dreary month, it’s the perfect opportunity to kickstart healthy habits in the new year and enjoy the great outdoors with your best bud.  

Of course, it’s important to exercise and keep your pup active throughout the year, but with the chilly temperatures and short days to compete with, sometimes we could all use some extra encouragement to head out for walkies.

Which is where we step in!

Keep reading for Yappy’s top 7 reasons to wrap up in your big winter coat and put your best foot forward with your dog throughout January.

And, for extra encouragement, make sure to enter Yappy’s dog walk competition for your chance to win personalised dog walking accessories!

7 Reasons to Get Involved in Walk Your Dog Month

1. Win personalised dog walking accessories from Yappy

To help spur you on to get out and about with your pup, make sure to enter Yappy’s dog walk competition!

Throughout January, we’re giving away pawsome dog walking accessories, including stylish dog walking bags and water bottles, which are perfectly personalised for you and your pooch.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier, simply do the following:

  • Head out for walkies with your dog

  • Take a photo or video of your dog during your walk

  • Upload your photo or story to your Instagram and tag us @yappy_com or use #yappypackwalks

  • Cross your fingers and paws!  

We’ll choose the lucky winners every Tuesday. And, in the meantime, you can check out our full range of dog walking accessories here.

2. It keeps you both active and healthy 

It goes without saying that dogs and walkies go hand in hand (or paw in paw). Regular exercise is so important to your dog’s health, happiness, and regulating their weight (alongside a healthy diet), and the same goes for us humans! So, what better way could there be to exercise, than by getting in those steps with your furry friend by your side? 

January may seem like a strange month to encourage dog walking, but as our dogs need walking all year round, it’s a good incentive to get out and about even during the colder months. Just think, if you can drag yourself off the couch in January, you can do it anytime!

But how much walking does your dog need? The answer will be different for every pooch, depending on their age, breed and physical condition. The UK Kennel Club has a handy A-Z of dog breeds that lists how much exercise they typically need each day, which you can find here.  

Image courtesy puppyhero.com

3. Mental stimulation

Staying inside all day can be very boring for your dog, so getting a daily dose of fresh air is just what the dog-tor orders.

Going for walks outside isn’t just great exercise, but it’ll also offer your pup lots of mental stimulation, which helps keep them happy and healthy. Even if you head out for a short stroll, your dog will have access to an array of sights and smells that they simply won’t have access to if they’re stuck indoors.

4. A good chance to bond

Going for walks with your dog is the perfect blend of exercise and quality bonding time. While you and your dog may not spend every minute together inside, when you’re out walking, it’s the best time to give your best bud your complete, undivided attention, which they’ll absolutely love!

5. An ideal time to practise training

How is your dog at walking on a lead? Do they walk by your side, pull ahead, or hang back? Lead training is one of the most important skills your pup can learn, as it teaches them obedience and helps to keep them safe too.

Each time your dog is on their lead outside is an opportunity to practise lead training, like getting them to sit when you reach a crossing, heel when they see another pup approaching, and walk by your side. Remember, a few dog treats will help with training and are perfect as a yummy reward!

For more tips on how to walk a dog, make sure to check out our blog post here.

6. Socialisation

Taking your dog for a daily stroll is also a nice opportunity to socialise. With your pup by your side, you’re likely to get the attention of people in your neighbourhood (because let’s be honest, who could resist saying hello to your pup), as well as other pooches for your dog to meet, and perhaps even play with too.

Also, getting out and about is also the best way for your dog to model their new collar and lead set from Yappy!

7. To make your dog happy

The weather might be frightful, but just think about delightful it’ll be for your dog to hang out with you on an outdoor adventure (even if it’s just to the local park). Our furry friends don’t ask too much from us - they mainly just want to be loved, fed yummy food, and have regular walkies with you.

The fresh air, exercise, and bonding time will help make your pooch feel refreshed, calmer, and ready for a lovely long nap when they get home.

Just don’t forget to mix up your walking route now again if you notice your dog getting bored of the same walks. Here are some signs to look out for that your dog is getting bored of their usual walking route.  

Explore Yappy’s Dog Walking Accessories 

Looking for a dapper new collar and lead set for your dog, a stylish dog walking bag for all your dog walk essentials, or perhaps you’re running low on poop bags? Walk this way to check out our full range of dog walking gifts! You’ll find everything you need to make your daily strolls even more enjoyable for you and your pup.

If you’d like to know more about what Yappy offers, don’t hesitate to contact us on help@yappy.com.

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