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Personalised Whippet Doormats

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The pawfect place to wipe your shoes (and paws) after walkies

Personalised Whippet Doormats

In a dog-friendly household, what better way to welcome visitors than with a fabulous, woof-tastic personalised doormat? Whether you like bold, colourful, or witty, our collection has a little bit of everything. Each design has its own personality, making each doormat as wonderfully unique as your Whippet!

Made with a sturdy polyester mix, the surface of these doormats is made to have a non-scratchy texture, so it won’t be too ‘ruff’ for feet or paws.   

Mucky Pups

We all know how mucky walkies can be, whether you have been having adventures in the woods, races in the park, or strolls on the beach, it's messy work. But have no fear, our doormats and super soft towels offer a stylish and practical solution to mucky paws. A true household must-have! 

Barking Mad About Dogs

Designed with dog lovers in mind, our selection of doormats (quite rightly) shows visitors just how much you pup-reciate your Whippet. In fact, why don't you give them the royal treatment and treat them to a luxuriously soft new dog bed too?

Let’s Get Personalised

Pawfect as a housewarming gift, or perhaps just as a treat for yourself, personalised doormats make for unique and practical presents. Not only can you add an adorable Whippet icon, but also their names, and owners' names. 

Make it a bundle!

You can’t have muddy paws without walkies, so why not create the ulti-mutt walkies bundle by pairing a personalised doormat with our leads and collars? Your Whippet can take a stroll in style, with a fantastic range of designs and styles to pick from, and store them with our handy lead hangers