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Whippet Dog Bowls

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Our ceramic Whippet bowls come in a range of styles to suit you and your dog's taste

Whippet Dog Bowls

Make your dog’s mealtimes even more exciting with their very own personalised Whippet dog bowl. Perfect for your dog’s food and water, browse our range of ceramic Whippet bowls and find your dog’s new stylish bowls in a flash. From minimalistic styles to quirky designs, our Whippet dog bowls cater to a range of tastes.

Personalised Whippet bowls

If you’re looking for a dog bowl that’s made especially with your Whippet in mind, then you’ve come to the right place! Our personalised Whippet dog bowls are available with a range of customisable features; from bowls that star your dog’s name, to bowls that feature your Whippet’s adorable Yappy icon and silhouette. And with colour options available too, you can really make your Whippet’s bowl their own.

We know mealtimes can get messy, especially when your pup is excited! Our Whippet feeding mats are a great place to sit your dog’s bowl to minimise mess.

Ceramic bowls for food and water

All of our Whippet dog bowls are made from classic white ceramic and are printed with a variety of sleek and stylish designs (to match your Whippet, of course). Plus, as we have dog bowl designs that are food and water-inspired, you could spoil your Whippet with one of each! These heavyweight ceramic bowls aren’t flimsy either, so they won’t go sliding around your kitchen floor.

Want to add more canine charm to your home? Our personalised Whippet aprons and mugs will look wonderful alongside your Whippet bowl.

Personalised gifts they’ll ‘woof’

There’s no denying that personalised gifts are a lovely way to spoil your loved ones. If you really want to indulge your Whippet, why not pop some dog treats in their new bowl?

And for more gorgeous homeware gifts for Whippet lovers, be sure to check out our personalised Whippet cushions. Not only do they provide ulti-mutt comfort, but they look amazing in the home too.