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Whippet Cushions

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Add style and comfort to any sofa or bed with a Whippet cushion!

Whippet Cushions

A must-have for every Whippet lover, a Whippet cushion is a wonderful way to add comfort and style to any room. If you’re looking for gorgeous cushions with Whippets on, you’ve come to the right place! Available in a range of colours, sizes, materials and personalised designs, you’re sure to find your new favourite cushion in a flash.

Personalised Cushions with Whippets on

With a personalised Whippet cushion, you can add an instant burst of comfort and style to any sofa, chair, bed, or even your Whippet's bed. Explore our wide range of contemporary cushions with Whippets on, available in a choice of personalised designs that make your dog the cover star.

If your Whippet loves to snooze after walkies, our Reserved for Dog cushion is the perfect way to make your pup’s favourite nap spot extra cosy. And to add a splash of colour to your sofa, our Whippet Icon cushion is a pawsome choice – expect the compliments to come flying when dog lovers see it!

The ulti-mutt cosy cushions

To ensure maximum comfort, each of our personalised Whippet cushions is generously filled with 100% allergy-filler to make them plump and squishy. Choose from luxuriously soft faux suede cushions and high-quality canvas cushions to up the comfort levels in any room.

Our cushions are just what you need to relax after walks with your Whippet. Why not pop your feet up with a comforting hot drink from a personalised Whippet mug too?

Go one step further with photo upload cushions

If you’re looking for the best cushion with Whippets on, why not go one step further with a cushion that stars your dog’s gorgeous photo? Simply upload your favourite photo of your dog to create your unique gift.

And if you want to show off your Whippet even more (we don’t blame you), check out our full collection of Whippet photo gifts and personalised photo frames.