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Dog Beer and Popcorn

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For when you just need a beer with your best mate

Dog Beer and Popcorn

Treat your best friend to a drink at happy hour with a delicious and tantalisingly tasty dog beer!

We know that dogs build up a thirst much faster than we do thanks to all that time chasing squirrels in the park, playing with their toys, and snoozing on their dog bed - it all takes its toll! So what better way to quench your pup’s thirst than with a beer for dogs from Yappy?

Beer for Dogs

Our refreshing, beef-flavoured dog beer is non-fizzy to stop your pooch getting the hiccups. They’re also alcohol-free because we don’t want to see any swaying Schnauzers or tipsy Terriers leaving the dog pub! Made from only the finest blend of ingredients, our beer for dogs is full of healthy goodies and can be slurped on its own or poured over food. We've even got dog popcorn and crisps for your pooch to snack on alongside their beer!

You’re probably used to sharing lots of things with your pup, like your home, long strolls and the remains of your dinner, so why not share a drink with them too? A slurp of dog beer is a fun way to get the pawty started, or simply a woofly way to treat your pooch.

Dog Popcorn

At Yappy, we not only have pawsome dog beer, but you can also grab some delicious dog popcorn for your pooch too. Get it in a personalised set with a dog beer, like this Man’s Best Friend set, or Floof Brew, a set packed with pawfect dog popcorn, dog beer and some crisps too.

Join The Pack

To find the best personalised gifts for your pup simply browse our products and add your dog. Once you’ve selected your dog’s breed, the image that looks like your pup and told us their name, we’ll personalise all of our products to suit your pup, including our whole range of dog beer and popcorn! It couldn’t be any easier. Add multiple dogs and join our pack today!

Do you need assistance with your personalised dog beer? Or, would you like to check the status of an order? Our friendly team is always Yappy to help. Just give us a shout and contact us at help@yappy.com.