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Corgi Toys

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Corgi Toys

Playtime is the perfect time to bond with your pawsome Corgi! Keep them entertained with our range of Corgi toys at Yappy.

There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon messing around with your pup so treat them with the best Corgi dog toys. Whether they’re fetching a toy in the park or playing with a squeaky toy at home, playtime isn’t just a great way to burn off excess energy, it’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a super soft, squeaky and unique plush Corgi dog toy for your pooch to play and snuggle up with, we have exactly what you’re looking for at Yappy!

Best Corgi Dog Toys

At Yappy, you can find the best Corgi dog toys, including plush, squeaky and durable designs! Play tug-of-war with this Eight-Shaped Tugger Corgi Toy or fetch with this Spaldog Basketball.

There is so much variety in our range of Corgi toys that you’re spoiled for choice. As well as cuddling and fighting with a Corgi dog toy, your pooch could use their mind to figure out how to get treats out! Our Toothy Treat Corgi Toy is a great way to keep your pooch entertained, while also giving them a rewarding task.

Toys should be fun, so make sure your pup is having plenty with Yappy’s range of the best toys for Corgis!

Chew Bundle Corgi Toys

Spoil your pup with a Chew Bundle from Yappy! This pawsome gift set is pawfect for pups because it’s full of Corgi toys as well as other dog essentials, like eco-friendly poop bags and dog treats. There really is nothing better than treating your pup before your daily walkies!

Gifts for Your Corgi

Have you already chosen the pawfect Corgi dog toys for your pooch? There’s still so much more you can pick up at Yappy to spoil them!

We have blankets, cushions and dog beds to give them a luxurious sleep every night. We also have feeding mats and dog bowls to spruce up their dinner times.

Choosing the Best Corgi Dog Toys

Need assistance personalising your pawfect Corgi toy order, or would you like to check the status of your order? Our friendly team is always Yappy to help. Just give us a woof today at help@yappy.com.