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Corgi Throw Blankets

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It's time to experience the ultimate comfort with your personalised Corgi blanket

Corgi Throw Blankets

Who doesn’t enjoy getting cosy, popping the fire on and snuggling under a super soft blanket? We can guarantee that when it’s time to wind down, your Corgi is the first person by your side. So, what could be better than your very own personalised Corgi blanket? 

These fabulous Corgi throw blankets aren’t just for dogs, they can be enjoyed by humans too, which makes them the perfect gift for dog lovers. We understand the importance of good quality, so rest assured you’ll be experiencing luxurious levels of comfort that your Corgi is bound to love! 

Corgi throw blankets with that personal touch

It’s very tiring work being adorable 24/7, just ask your Corgi! That’s why they need plenty of time to relax and recharge with their very own personalised Corgi throw blanket. Don’t forget you can enjoy some snuggle time with them too so it's a win win! 

You will instantly fall in love with your Corgi blanket and the comfort it brings, get ready as snuggle time just got even more enjoyable! 

Browse our variety of stunning designs, personalised with your Corgi’s name, Yappy icon or silhouette. Even better, we now feature photo-upload blankets so you can personalise them with your favourite photo of your beautiful Corgi! 

If you can’t choose just one photo, then don’t fear as we have a variety of Corgi photo-upload gifts for you to select from.

Make your Corgi feel at home

Your personalised Corgi blanket is the perfect way to offer them their own comfortable space. Why not pair this gift with a luxurious personalised cushion for your Corgi?

Both of these items make the ideal travel companions for your Corgi, to remind them of their home comforts and ensure they can have an enjoyable journey. 

Your personalised Corgi throw blanket is made from a lightweight fleece material, which is perfect for keeping your dog warm but not too hot. You can sleep easy knowing they’re having the sweetest dreams snuggled with their favourite blanket. 

Keep your dog close with personalised gifts

Every dog lovers dream is a gift featuring their favourite furry friend, which is why our personalised Corgi throw blankets make the perfect choice! Why not make them feel extra special and pair your gift with our furbulous Corgi cards and personalised wrapping paper? These add the perfect finishing touch.