4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog

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Enjoying Earth Day activities with your dog is a great way to consider how your actions can have an impact on the environment.

It’s important for us to make every effort to become more environmentally friendly, so that we can preserve the world around us.

Want to get involved in Earth Day 2022?

Here’s some simple activities which you and your dog can join in on for Earth Day 2022 (and beyond)!

earth day

1: Litter Picking Dog Walks

Now, we’re sure that taking your dog out for a walk is already a part of your daily routine and for your dog, it might be their favourite time of day.

Whilst your dog is running around or socialising with their pals, why not take a few moments to litter pick any rubbish you notice along your journey and recycle waste where you can.

This is a really simple yet effective way to become more environmentally friendly. This is the kind of activity that you could try to implement into your routine for Earth Day 2022 and try to stick it to moving forward!

Whilst you’re picking up waste, don’t forget about your dog’s either! For this, our Eco-Friendly Poop Bags have got you covered.

Not only are they 100% biodegradable, but we can guarantee there’ll be no leaks as they’re made from extra-strong materials.

2: Donate Your Old Dog Toys and Beds

You may decide to spend Earth Day 2022 clearing out some old dog toys and other items that your dog has outgrown.

Why not donate them to a dog in need rather than throwing them away? This way your dog’s items can be enjoyed by another pup. One dog’s trash is another dog’s treasure!

 This could also be the perfect time for a pup-grade. If your dog needs a more comfortable and spacious place to rest, then look no further than our Personalised Dog Beds.

dog bed blanket vizsla

Image Credit: @ralphourvizsla

3: Simple Sustainable Swaps

If you’re looking for a super fun way to celebrate Earth Day 2022 with your dog, then why not consider switching to sustainable dog food - a practical, yet fun, Earth Day activity you can do together!

Our much-loved Beer Bundles are sourced from 100% natural ingredients, which makes them an excellent way to treat your dog this Earth Day.

When sourcing your dog food, look out for products which are made from locally sourced ingredients and contain organic ingredients.

Don’t forget to recycle your food packaging where you can, as this will have an excellent impact on the environment.

dog dachshund beer bundle

Image Credit: @sizzle_the_sausage

4: Make Bath Time More Eco-Friendly

When you return from a long walk, there is always one thing you want to avoid – your dog’s muddy paws treading all over your carpet!

So, bath-time is a must, but did you know there are simple ways you can be more eco-friendly?

Our vegan-friendly Lavender Soap Bar is an excellent choice, as it is full of raw and healthy ingredients, which are much better for the environment.

Then, rather than opting for disposable towels, your dog can dry off in the best possible way with their own Personalised Dog Towel.

We would love to hear what you get up to on Earth Day 2022 – make sure to tag us #YappyPack and let us know how you’ve celebrated!

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