Why is My Dog Not Eating Their Food? 4 Common Reasons Why

You may have previously used treats to reward your dog for good behaviour, but if they’ve suddenly lost interest in treats and their regular meals, then we understand that you may be concerned.

You’re certainly not alone, it can be very common for dogs to experience a loss of appetite much like us humans do.

There can be a variety of reasons that contribute to this, read on whilst we explore these further.

Is your dog experiencing dental problems?

Dental issues can cause an immense amount of pain for your dog and this may be the reason why they’re refusing their food.

It’s always important to prioritise your dog’s dental health by ensuring you take regular trips to the vet for check-ups.

By practising this regular routine, you can prevent your dog from experiencing any discomfort. If you suspect dental issues are the cause, then our advice would be to consult your vet immediately.

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Is your dog showing signs of stress?

Dogs can feel the physical and emotional signs of stress just as much as we can. Are there any recent changes to your dog’s routine which may be causing them stress?

Maybe you’ve recently moved house and the new environment is affecting them. Stress can also be caused by separation anxiety, such as if you’ve had a change in working hours and leave your dog for longer periods of time.

Sometimes, when your dog is displaying signs of stress like a loss of appetite, they just need some extra TLC.

Ensure your dog has a place they can call home with their very own personalised dog bed – this will offer them a sense of security and comfort.

There is usually no need to consult your vet at this point, as naturally, your dog will become more familiar with any recent changes.

If the problem persists for a while, then approach your vet if you feel necessary.

Dog Bed Personalised

Image Credit: @bramble_and_lottie

Has your dog got a sickness bug?

Much like us humans, when your dog is ill, they will naturally lose their appetite.

Common bugs like kennel cough are easily transmitted in dog daycare centres, which are ever-growing in popularity.

If your dog is displaying other symptoms such as sickness and diarrhoea, these could be signs of a much more serious illness, and we would advise you to consult your vet straight away.

You vet may discover underlying issues and prescribe your dog with some medication.

During their recovery, prioritise their comfort with their very own personalised dog blanket which they can snuggle up to.

Dog Personalised Blanket, customised dog blanket, personalised dog blanket

Image Credit: @rupertthecavapoo_

Are you overfeeding your dog?

Understanding your dog’s dietary requirements is very important, as much as you don’t want to overfeed them, you also don’t want to underfeed them either.

Maintaining the right balance is key! We understand that your dog enjoys a tasty dog treat from time to time, but do you suspect they’re over-indulging?

If you’re unsure of how much you should be feeding your dog treats, then always ask your vet for their opinion, and see our helpful blog post on the subject too! Factors like your dog’s weight and breed will impact how regularly they should be eating.

Try to pay attention to their eating habits so they’re not missing out on key nutrients at mealtimes. Our dogs are incredibly intelligent, they can easily steal a snack right from under your nose without you noticing.

We hope this article has helped you understand some of the reasons why your dog has lost their appetite.

If you’re still unsure or have any concerns, we would always advise you to consult professional veterinary advice.

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