Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Walk?

Taking dogs for walkies is a brilliant way to keep them healthy and active, and helps to make your bond even stronger. Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely stroll or an active game of fetch across fields, dog walks are super fun for you and your pup. However, do you often find yourself going on the same walk with your pup and are you worried they’re becoming disinterested? Do dogs get bored of the same walk? Continue reading to find out!

Dogs and walkies

Pups love walkies and spending outdoor time with you! Remember that it’s super important to their well-being, so take your dog out for some fresh air and daily exercise, even if it’s just a five-minute walk around the block. Those steps are precious for their paws and keeping them healthy.

However, do you tend to go on the same walk and route quite a lot? It can actually become a little mundane for your pup, and you may have even noticed that they’ve become less energetic on walks. This is because, like humans, dogs can become bored with experiencing the same thing over and over and they need mental stimulation just as much as we do. So taking your furry friend on the same dog walking route repeatedly is, at some point, going to become boring for them.

How to spot boredom in your dog

If you’re out for a walk and feel like your pup could be a little bored with the same routine every day, there are a few things you can spot in their behaviour to give you a clue as to how they’re feeling. A bored dog is less likely to sniff, explore and socialise while out on walkies. They’ll also start to show a lot less excitement in general for walking.

If you’ve noticed these tendencies in your pup’s behaviour, then the problem points to the mundanity of your walks.

How to mix up walkies

Going on the same walks every day can be a little like eating the same meals every day, or watching the same television show on repeat. It can be comforting at times but, in general, it can become tedious.

In order to mentally stimulate your pup and get them excited for a spot of outdoor walking, you’ll have to mix up your routes!

Here are some things you can do on future dog walks to make your pup more interested in your outdoor adventures:

  • Let pup lead

  • Practice scent work

  • Change of scenery

  • Bring a friend

  • Take some toys

Let pup lead

On your next walk, how about letting your pup lead the way? Let their noses do the walking by following whatever scent they catch. Or, if something interesting catches their eye and they want to investigate, encourage them to walk over to it to find out what’s going on.

This is perfect for mental stimulation of your pup, who will love the feeling of adventure and investigation. You may go outdoors most days but your pup still doesn’t know how big the world is, meaning everything is interesting to them. Let your dog guide the way on your next walk and see where their nose will lead you!

Practice scent work

Similar to our first tip, scent practice involves letting your pup lead the way. However, you can be in charge of the route they take. Before starting, drop some treats in an open area and let your pup use their snout to hunt down these treats.

This can be a great way to mentally stimulate your dog as well as improve their scent skills.

Change of scenery

If you and your pup have become bored with your regular walking route, the most obvious thing you can do to improve their excitement is to change the scenery.

Whether you’ve got five minutes a day for a walk or an hour, the route can still change. Instead of walking around the same block you’ve circled hundreds of times, try a different route. Don’t turn left out of your house, head right and see what there is to find.

Who knows, there could be a whole host of new and exciting scents and sights for your pup to experience.

Bring a friend

Another idea to make walkies more exciting is to invite a friend along. Another dog mum or dad could be perfect company for your pup, we’re sure they’d love to play with your hooman friend - and if they’ve got a dog too, even better!

Take some toys

Our final tip for making walks more interesting is to take some toys along with you. The reason your walks have become boring is that the activity has become a stale routine or you and your dog are simply walking the same old route without much interaction or excitement.

Bring a ball along for your pup to chase after or some tug toys to play fight with. You’ll see an instant difference in your trusty companion!

Walkies with Yappy

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