How to Walk a Dog

Walking a dog sounds like a simple process, right? Most people think that you just hold the lead and let your pup wander but it’s actually more complex than that. If you think you’ve been walking your dog wrong all this time, continue reading to find out how to walk a dog properly.

Why do we take dogs for walks?

Most dogs love going for walks with their mum and dad (and even brothers and sisters!) because it gives them a chance to get out of the house and explore the outdoors. Don’t forget, you see the outdoors all the time and have probably travelled to far away places. Your pup’s whole world is the house and wherever they go on walks, so it’s super exciting for them!

Walkies are also a great way for you to bond with your pup and provide necessary exercise and mental stimulation. If you have kids then having regular dog walks is great exercise for them too.

If you’ve noticed that your dog is acting out, it's possible that they need to go for a walk.

Preparing for a dog walk

Preparing for a dog walk isn’t too difficult, it’s finding the time in a busy schedule that’s the problem! But as woof-ly dog parents, you always manage to find time for your pup. Before heading out the door, it’s good to have a checklist of items to take with you, and they include:

  • Collar or harness

  • Lead

  • Dog treats

  • Poop bags

  • Clothing

All of the above are essential dog walking accessories that you can take with you on walkies. You can put most of them, including the poop bags and dog treats, inside a walking bag.

How to walk a dog

When walking a dog, it’s important to remember a few key factors in order to train them to walk better each time you go out of the house. Letting them loose on their lead can eventually lead to problems when faced with other dogs and people.

Purchase a dog lead that is between four and six feet long. Where possible, try to avoid retractable leads because of a few issues, mainly due to safety. Some retractable leads can stretch up to 26 feet which is just too far away for you to react quickly enough should your pup come across danger, such as an aggressive dog or a bike or car. Their thin designs can also lead to entanglement and skin burns for the dog, which is not ideal.

Knowing how to walk a dog can make a huge difference in their attitude and how they listen to your commands, both on walkies and at home. When your pup is on their lead, ensure that they stay by your side. They shouldn’t be walking more than a couple of feet away from you. This is to make sure you have complete control of any situation or distraction that may arise.

Your lead shouldn’t be too tight either. Make sure there is a U-shaped dip in the lead while walking, so your pup is relaxed but still knows they are tethered and safe. If your dog is pulling, leading you on the walk, gently pull up on the lead to let them know to slow and return to your side.

You may also want to consider using a harness instead of a dog collar. They redirect any straining onto the dog's shoulders and chest rather than their neck. This gives your pup fur-bulous comfort on their walkies. A harness can also give you more control than a collar, especially if you need to pull on the lead.

And the last thing to remember when taking your pup on their walkies is to have fun! All your doggy wants is to have some fun with their mum or dad, so take some fetch toys and dog treats to entertain them.

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