Mucky Pups to Lucky Pups: Do You Have The Nation’s Dirtiest Dog?

Every dog owner knows it, autumn and winter are the seasons we dread most when taking our pups out for a walk – and it’s not just getting stuck in the rain and wind we don’t like, but getting covered head-to-toe in mud! 

In fact, new research by personalised pet brand has revealed that two-thirds of us don't like our dogs getting muddy on walks and many of us will even choose a mud-free path to avoid our dogs getting dirty. A further 20% of dog owners will always keep dogs on a lead to stop them from running amuck and 10% will dress their dog in a coat to keep them clean.  

While a bit of mud might not seem like a huge problem at first, 60% of dog owners have had their car or home damaged as a result of their mucky pups, with damages costing up to £1000. Most commonly, our pups tend to cause around £100 worth of damage to either our homes or cars, whether that’s staining the carpet, soaking the car, or totally ruining the porch!

And the issue doesn’t stop there as one in five dog owners admit that their dog hates being bathed - so even the solution causes a problem!

Do You Have the Nation’s Dirtiest Dog?

In honour of these findings, has launched a nationwide competition to find the UK’s dirtiest dog, with three lucky winners receiving a personalised hamper of bath time products, up to the value of £100, to help fight the muddy dog season ahead.

To enter, all you have to do is upload images of your dirty dogs and naughty pups to social media, tag @yappy_com and use the hashtag #YappyDirtyDog in all posts.

Entries must be submitted by midnight on Thursday 13th October when the competition will close and winners will be announced via social media on 17th October.

Prizes for the Dirtiest Dogs

1st prize (prize value £100):

Dog Cotton Towelling Robe, Lavender Soap Bar, Fluffy Butt Dry Wash Shampoo, Personalised Dog Towel, Dirty Dog Shampoo x2

2nd prize (prize value £75):

Dog Cotton Towelling Robe, Lavender Soap Bar, Fluffy Butt Dry Wash Shampoo, Dirty Dog Shampoo x2

3rd prize (prize value £50):

Personalised Dog Towel, Fluffy Butt Dry Wash Shampoo, Lavender Soap Bar, Dirty Dog Shampoo 

Yappy Gifts to Pamper Your Pooch is a personalised pet product shop for dog and cat lovers, simply select a breed and icon and input your pet’s name to reveal all products personalised for you!

If you can’t wait to find out if your dog will be crowned the Nation’s Dirtiest Dog, make sure to check out Yappy’s full range of grooming gifts to spoil your dog with, including personalised dog towels for your mucky pup and pawsome dog grooming supplies to transform your soggy doggy into a pampered pooch.

If you’d like any more information or would like to know more about what Yappy offers, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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