Why Does My Dog Sleep by the Door?

Do you always catch your furry friend getting some shuteye by your bedroom or front door? If so, you might find yourself scratching your head wondering why your canine companion has selected the doorway as their snooze place rather than their snuggly dog bed. Keep reading to find out why this is!

Why Does My Dog Sleep by the Door? 

A few things explain why your pawsome pup sleeps by the door. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Protection

  • Getting your attention

  • Marking their territory

  • Exerting control

  • Separation anxiety

  • Curiosity

If you want to know why your dog sleeps by the door, why it could be a problem and what to do to get them back in their dog bed, this blog will give you some useful pointers!


Since our fur babies know that the door carries the possibility of danger, they might be sleeping there ready to paw-tect you by blocking any threat. This behaviour is particularly common among dog breeds that are naturally protective and have guard dog tendencies, like German Shepherds and Rottweilers. With this one, look out for behaviours like barking when someone unfamiliar passes by the door.

Also, since dogs have retained their wolf ancestors’ pack mentality, they possess an evolutionary drive to protect their ‘pack’ (usually their family and owners). You can take this as a compliment, you’ve got a loyal best fur-iend who really cares about you!

Getting your Attention 

Does your dog’s sleeping place sometimes feel like an attempt to block your path? This may be a sign that your mutt demands your undivided attention. Although sometimes they might just be after a quick cuddle, this behaviour could be a sign that they want to play, exercise, eat, or be taken outside to do their business.

If your dog’s trying to get your attention when you just want to hit the hay, consider getting your pup some dog treats or dog toys as a distraction.

Marking their Territory  

If you’ve recently moved house, got a new roomie or there’s a baby (fur or hooman) who has joined the pack, your dog is most likely reacting territorially to these changes.

Your pup wants to make their home feel like it belongs to them, particularly if the house feels a bit unhomely. However, your furry friend will usually adjust to these changes over time. Behavioural training can help your dog adapt to their new environment if nothing improves!  

Exerting Control 

As mentioned before, your dog possesses an inherited pack mentality. So, if your dog isn’t sensing strong leadership from you, they might want to assert their superiority. One way your mutt achieves this is by controlling when you get in and out of the house or your bedroom.

If you don’t want to be the follower in your dog-human relationship, you might want to consider developing a bit more dominance over your pup!

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when your dog feels stressed, anxious, and helpless when you’re not there.  A telling sign that your dog suffers from separation anxiety is that they don’t do anything but sleep by the door. Since you probably don’t want a dog that’s in a constant state of fear that you’ll leave, you should think about training your pup to get them out of this mindset.

One effective way to stop separation anxiety is to leave your dog for small increments and return before they start displaying signs of stress. Providing your pooch with a cosy dog bed or a snuggly blanket will certainly help keep them feeling comfortable while you’re away.


Since your mutt’s doggy senses need a never-ending supply of mental and physical stimulation, sleeping by the door gives them front-row access to anything interesting going on behind closed doors. So, if they hear or smell something that grabs their attention, they’re right where the action is!

There’s another interesting theory explaining why dogs sleep by the door. As dogs have been proven to possess object permanence, your pup will understand that objects and their owners exist when not in sight. Therefore, if your dog sleeps by the front door, they might be waiting for you to come home. Also, as the front door is usually where the most foot traffic is, your dog might be curious to see who the next visitor will be! 

Is Sleeping by the Door a Problem?  

It depends! If you notice that your dog only sleeps by the door when they need to play, pee, exercise or is simply curious, then there probably isn’t an issue. However, if you notice your dog sleeping by the door all the time, it may be a sign of separation anxiety or disobedience.  

From a practical standpoint, your pup’s sleeping habits might prove to be a nuisance. Statistics suggest that 87,000 people are sent to emergency rooms each year for tripping over a pet. Therefore, we’ve got some fur-iendly advice to help change your dog’s behaviours!  

How to Stop Your Dog Sleeping by the Door 

The first step is to get them a dog bed if they don’t already have one! With the help of a dog bed, dog blanket or even a cushion, your dog will begin to associate their beddy-byes with something other than a doorway.

Another suggestion is to stop giving your pup pawsitive reinforcement for sleeping by the door. You may not even realise it but by giving your pup dog treats or positive attention whilst sleeping by the door, they might think that’s where they’re meant to sleep! Instead, you should give your hound plenty of positive reinforcement when they’re sound asleep in their dog bed (although try not to disrupt their beauty sleep).

One final piece of advice is to make sure your pup gets lots of exercise and play during the day. This will prevent your pup from feeling restless at night and stop them from badgering you when you’re trying to catch some well-needed rest. So, investing in some good dog toys and dog leads for their walkies is a good idea! 

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