World Animal Day: Signs That Your Cat Loves You

World Animal Day on Tuesday 4 October encourages us to make the world a better place for animals. As they play an important role in our everyday lives, it’s important we show our pets just how much we love them – with dogs it’s simple, a good old pat, a walk and their favourite treat will do the trick, but what about cats? 

Cats are known for being solitary and standoffish, so how can you tell if your cat really loves you, and how can you let them know you love them too?  

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend, but as cats don’t tend to crave attention like dogs, they’re more than happy to please themselves and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they even like you, let alone love you. While a lot of their behaviour does suggest they just tolerate you, there are ways you can improve your relationship with your feline friend.

Keep reading to discover the signs that your cat loves you and how to let your cat know that the feeling’s mutual!

Does My Cat Love Me?

Despite their best efforts to suggest otherwise, cats do feel affection for humans, in fact, many of them enjoy our presence! These are the biggest signs that your cat loves you:

They blink at you slowly

Cats show adoration through the eyes, and only look directly into the eyes of those they trust. Only when they blink at you slowly can you be sure they love you.

They rub against you/headbutt you

If your cat regularly rubs their cheeks/head against you, they’re marking you with their scent which is the biggest indication of love. This behaviour is formed when they are a kitten when they would usually headbutt their family to show love.

They knead on you

Cats kneading on you is a sign of contentment. It’s also a behaviour they pick up as a kitten to stimulate their mother’s milk flow – by doing this habit on you, your cat is showing you that you are their family.

They show you their tummy

Only when a cat is truly comfortable with you will they show you their tummy, as they’re exposed and vulnerable and will only do it with someone they trust.

They lick you

Licking signals your cat trusts you – they are grooming you as a mother does to her kittens.

They show you their behind, often

Cats identify each other by scent (by sniffing each other’s behinds!) While a bum to the face isn’t how we’d like to be greeted, it’s a signal they trust you.

They leave you presents

Although it might be a nuisance to find birds and mice in your kitchen, if your cat presents you with the prey they’ve caught it’s a big indication of their love for you. It’s a behaviour common amongst mothers who show their kittens how to hunt – so it’s her way of showing you love because you’re family now!

What to do if your cat isn’t showing these common affection signs

If you’ve only recently adopted your cat and they’re not showing these signs just yet, don’t worry, they’re probably just not comfortable yet. Cats can take months to become accustomed to their new home and surroundings, so do everything you can to make that happen and the chances are they’ll love you a lot sooner! Be sure to take a look at our post on how to look after a kitten if a little fluff ball has just joined your family too!

Want to make your home even more comfortable for your cat? You could go one step further and spoil them with a soft blanket or cushion. Their catnaps will be simply dreamy with these cosy home comforts!


How Can I Show My Cat I Love Them?

So now you know if your cat loves you, how can you show them just how much you love them? These simple tips are an easy way to share those loving “felines” with your cat.

Blink at them slowly

If you mimic this gesture, you’re letting your fluffy friend know you have acknowledged their sign of affection and feel the same way towards them!

Groom them

Brushing your cat gently is a way to spread their scent, something they would do in their natural habitat. Making it known their scent is welcomed around your home proves they are there to stay.

Treat them

Whether it’s a biscuit, a chewy stick or catnip, treats are the easiest way to show your cat you love them!

Stroke them

Not all cats love being stroked, but if they’re rubbing up against you, grooming you or kneading on you, it’s a sign that they want to be touched. Gently rub their head, back and the back of their neck – this is where they would have been picked up from by their mother when they were a kitten. Keep away from their tail though, they can be territorial over that one!

Play with them

Every pet has a favourite game and playing this with them will only increase the bond you share. The more you interact with them, the deeper the connection and the more likely they are to know just how much they mean to you. If you’re looking for a new fun toy for your kitty to play with, check out Yappy’s exciting range of cat toys!

Don’t ignore them!

Cats are known to meow whenever they are hungry, even if they’ve just had their breakfast, but don’t just ignore them. As they communicate with you, speak softly back to them, and give them a pet on the head.

Don’t pick them up, unless they climb on you

Cats rarely like to be picked up, so it’s best to avoid it. If you pick them up when you know they don’t like it, they’ll make it clear to you! It might upset them if they know you’re doing something to purposely make them feel uncomfortable.

Remember: cats are hard to read in comparison to dogs

Cats are solitary animals that don’t require the constant love and attention that dogs do. If your cat shows you the affection signs we’ve explored, the chances are they do love you, even if they don’t have the best way of showing it! 

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