8 Dog Walk Essentials You Need in Your Life

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When your dog is eager for a walk, it’s easy to rush out without checking you’ve got everything first. To make sure you’re prepared for all types of walks, we’ve got you covered with our pawsome list of dog walk essentials.

The last thing you want on a dog walk is to be caught short (especially without poop bags). So, whether you’re going for a quick stroll around the block with your pup or a leisurely jaunt in the park, you’ll be prepared with these essentials for dog walking and dog walking accessories.

Our Dog Walking Essentials

1. Personalised Dog Walking Bag

Forget fumbling in your pockets, our stylish dog walking bags are a great size for stashing your keys, phone, and poop bags, meaning you’ll have all your dog walk essentials close to hand. Most importantly, a dog walking bag is a brilliant treat holder for walks!

Available in a range of gorgeous colours and designs, with options to add your dog’s name and yappy icon, this dog walking accessory will certainly turn heads at the dog park.

Complete with a removable outside flap for easy cleaning, each stylish dog walking bag has an adjustable strap so it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body – ideal for keeping your hands free.

2. Biodegradable Poop Bags

You never know when nature will come a-calling when you’re out and about. That’s why you need our biodegradable poop bags. They’re #1 at dealing with your dog’s number twos!

Not only are these poop bags good for the environment, but they’re also strong and sturdy, ideal for mess-free trips with your dog. They’re complete with easy-tie handles for fast disposal of waste.

3. Travel Size Dog First Aid Kit

Emergencies with your dog can happen at any time, so to make sure you’re prepared it’s a sensible idea to carry a pet first aid kit.

Packed with 36 essential items to provide pre-vet assistance, this handy kit features a durable, compact yet lightweight design that’s perfect for taking on any outdoor trip with your dog.

4. Delicious Dog Treats

We’re sure that treats would be at the top of your pooch’s list of dog walk essentials, so having some dog treats to hand when you’re out and about is a must!

What better way to praise your pup for good behaviour, reward them after recall, or keep their energy levels high on longer walks, than a tasty treat?

Our dog treats are made with delicious natural ingredients to keep your pup happy and healthy. And, as many of our dog treats come in resealable packs, your pup’s treats are kept fresher for longer.

5. Matching Dog Leads and Collars

Our personalised dog leads and dog collars are available in a wide range of stylish and vibrant designs that will brighten even the greyest of days. Plus, these dog walking accessories are complete with personalised features – add your dog’s name and icon to make their lead and collar unique!

With soft, adjustable dog collars and strong, secure dog leashes, your dog will look and feel great as they strut their stuff in their matching lead and collar set.

6. Dog Walking Water Bottles

After all that walking, you’re going to be feeling thirsty. Thankfully, our insulated stainless-steel water bottles are here to keep you refreshed! Shop our splashing range of personalised dog walking bottles to find your new favourite bottle.

Nobody enjoys being dehydrated on a dog walk, that’s why these water bottles are one of the ultimate dog walking essentials if you ask us.

7. Personalised Dog Travel Mugs

Enjoy a hot drink on early morning strolls with your dog with your very own personalised dog travel mug. Simply add your dog’s name and icon to create a pawsome travel mug like no other!

With double-wall insulation, these travel mugs keep your drink toasty when you’re on the go with your pup.

These mugs hold an impressive 450ml and come with a spill-proof flip lid, perfect if your dog suddenly spots a squirrel when they’re on the lead!

If you’re looking for the best place to hang your dog’s lead and collar, look no further….

8. Wooden Dog Lead & Collar Hangers

These personalised wooden dog lead & collar hangers are a must-have for dog parents. Not only do they look charming hung up in the home, but with a designated place to hang your essentials for dog walking, they make leaving the house a breeze.

Walk this way for more dog walking essentials

We hope you enjoyed reading about dog walk essentials and feel more confident having a checklist available when you head out with your pup.

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Don’t forget to tag us in your dog walking photos – we’d love to see you with all your personalised dog walking essentials! Simply tag our handle @yappy_com and use our hashtag #YappyPack to get involved.

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