6 Fun Benefits of Playing with Your Dog

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Life without play would be boring, right? And for dogs, playtime is even more important. From learning through play to burning off excess energy, there are many benefits of playing with your dog.

If you’re wondering how long you should play with your puppy or want to learn about the many benefits of playing with your canine companion, we’ve fetched 6 fun facts about playtime with your pup!

1. Play Is Great for Your Dog’s Health

Physical exercise is incredible for your dog’s joints, plus it’s a great way to keep their heart healthy and strong. Playing with your dog can also improve your pup’s balance and coordination too!

The benefits of playing with your dog are endless, but exercise is a huge one. Physical play can increase your dog’s life expectancy as it reduces the risk of health issues such as obesity.

2. Playing Burns Off Excess Energy

Dogs often spend a lot of time indoors, so getting up, stretching their legs, and engaging in play allows them to burn off excess energy.

Without exercise or play, your dog may display negative or destructive behaviour due to pent-up energy, but once your dog has had enough playtime, they’ll feel relaxed, will sleep more soundly and are less likely to bark excessively or chew your favourite socks!

Playing interactive games such as tug of war with a rope tugger will certainly keep your canine on their toes as they work up a sweat.

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If you ever find your dog chewing your laces, how about tempting them with a tantalising Squeaker Sneaker instead?

3. Play Keeps Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Physical activity has a great effect on your dog’s mental stimulation, as they’re continuously learning and improving their understanding of the world around them.

If you have a puppy at home, you may be thinking; how long should I play with my puppy? Well, while there’s no definite answer (as all dogs are different), the most popular answer to how long a puppy should exercise is 5 minutes for every month of their age. So, a 6-week-old puppy should get roughly 40 minutes of exercise, through a combination of walking and playing.

Treat-dispensing toys and games with rules are a pawsome way to put your dog to the test and keep their mind sharp and focused while they play.

Why not throw your dog a Toothy Treat Toy? There’s nothing more enticing than food and play for your dog! They’ll need to use their brain and nose power to sniff out their tasty treats. Simply fill this dog toy with their favourite snacks and let the good times roll.

4. Play Is the Pawfect Bonding Opportunity

Playing with your dog and spending lots of one-on-one time with them has been proven to strengthen the bond between you both. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of one another.

Our four-legged friends provide us with an endless supply of love, and the proven effect dogs have on our health both physically and mentally is second to none – your dog will feel these pawsitive benefits too! Did someone say best furriends furever?

Once you and your pup are tired from all that playtime, why not rest under a cosy dog blanket? It’ll provide you and your dog with all the comfort you could dream of.

5. Play Is a Great Teaching Opportunity

Teaching your dog commands is one of the many benefits of playing with your dog. The more time you spend bonding with your dog, the more likely they are to follow your commands as they build a greater amount of respect for you.

Incorporating commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’ during playtime is also a great way to keep teaching your dog while they play.

You can encourage good behaviour by rewarding your pup with praise, hugs, a treat or even their favourite toy.

6. Play Can Improve Your Dog’s Social Skills

The interaction between your dog and their other furry friends is a massive benefit of play. When your dog plays with other pooches and people, it builds their social skills and teaches them basic behavioural skills and how to play by the rules.

You want to ensure that your dog is comfortable in social environments from a very young age as this will stop them from becoming aggressive towards others.

Socialising is also a wonderful way to improve your dog’s confidence in approaching other dogs and playing with them in a friendly way – meaning you can watch on and smile as your pup burns off some of their endless energy with their canine companions!

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