3 Dog Love Stories That’ll Melt Your Heart

From helping to soothe anxiety to inspiring a career change, the power our pups have to shape and enhance our lives is truly amazing. Here are just three dog love stories to prove it! Keep reading these dog love stories for an insight into the strong bond between dog and owner! Cue those fuzzy feelings.

Chloe & Freddie: The Emotional Anchor

It was woof at first sight when Chloe and her partner set eyes on Freddie in March 2020. Rescued just 2 weeks before the UK went into a national lockdown, Freddie became a great support to Chloe when she worked as a nurse and her partner was away with the navy.

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2. Lauren & Stella: The Career Changer

Puppy training quickly became a passion for Lauren when she welcomed her Red Labrador Retriever, Stella, into her life. In fact, it was Stella’s fast learning at puppy school that inspired Lauren to learn a new trade, too. Now a part-time dog trainer, Lauren often uses Stella as the demo dog in her classes – talk about the teacher's pet!

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3. Niamh & Daisy: The Canine Cure

When Niamh eased off her epilepsy medication, her Cavapoo Daisy came to her aid in the sweetest way. Often feeling nervous at night, Niamh found that cuddling Daisy was a great comfort before bed and she was able to relax and fall asleep, helping with her recovery. Sometimes, dogs really are the best medicine.

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That precious strong bond between dog and owner

Here at Yappy, we’re obsessed with dog love stories. There’s nothing better than that strong bond between dog and owner that we all know and love so well! If you’re just starting out with your puppy and are quickly on your way to the best dog love story ever, we’ve got the range of dog products for you, from dog grooming accessories to dog shampoos and soap.

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