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Greyhound Supplements

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Our Greyhound supplements and vitamins are pawfect for your furry friend!

Greyhound Supplements

Greyhounds certainly are energetic dogs, so you want to keep them supported, active and happy, on all their adventures with our natural Greyhound vitamins and supplements.

From calming soft bites to probiotics and multivitamin chews, our supplements for Greyhounds have been expertly developed to take care of your furry bestie and keep them zooming all day long. Discover more about our best supplements for Greyhounds.

Natural Support For Your Precious Pup

There’s nothing better than seeing your Greyhound with a glossy, shiny coat, bright eyes and a waggy tail set for a day of adventures! That is why we are passionate about creating the very best supplements for greyhounds from everyday vitamins, to probiotic chews, meaning they will get all their essential nutrients with Yappy! 

What supplements do Greyhounds need?

Greyhounds are an energetic bunch, so expect lots of zooming around on walks and runs! To support them with their active lifestyle it is often a good idea to give them vitamins as well as joint supplements to keep bones supple and at their strongest and ready for the runs they love so much. 

Treat them to the very best supplements for Greyhounds

Made from wheat-free natural ingredients, our super-tasty dog supplements will go down a treat! We make sure our Greyhound vitamins and supplements taste good and make them feel good. 

Available in soft bites for all-in-one health, hip and joint mobility, probiotic support and calming anxiety relief, we’ve designed our dog supplements to be eaten and enjoyed just like any other dog treat. Simply follow the recommended guidance for your Greyhound's weight. 

Shop Personalised Dog Supplements at Yappy

Treat your pup to their very best life with our range of dog and puppy supplements. In true Yappy style, you can even have your product personalised with your Greyhound's icon!

Looking for more Yappy care products? We have topical tear stain solutions, first aid packs perfect for walks, or even shampoos to keep them looking pawsome.