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Personalised Greyhound Clocks

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What's the time? Time to shop our great collection of personalised Greyhound clocks!

Looking for the pawfect, personalised Greyhound wall clock? Don’t waste a second more – we’ve got the time-piece for you. Whether it’s time to feed or walk your Greyhound (which they’ll probably inform you is in fact, all times), ensure you’re always on schedule and shop our range of beautifully crafted wall clocks. 

Choose from a range of vibrant printed clock faces, charming mantras to live your life by, and personalised Greyhound clocks your dog will be delighted to see! 

Our clocks are 12 inches in diameter, set behind a premium glass pane and are complete in a beautiful beech frame. They also feature a unique silent sweeping second hand (perfect if ticking clocks drive you cuckoo), and an integrated hook for easy hanging. 

As our clock will arrive to you in a purpose-built box, it’s super easy to wrap up to give as a present, and if you want to see what else we have in store, check out our range of gifts!