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Dalmatian Shampoo

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Dalmatian Shampoo

After bath time with our Dalmatian shampoo, your beloved pooch will be spotless! Available in a variety of sniff-worthy scents with deep cleaning action, we have the very best shampoo for Dalmatians right here at Yappy. In true Yappy fashion, you can even personalise your pup’s shampoo with your woofly Dalmatian’s face! Once they get a whiff of this, your pup will be going barking mad for bath time! 

The Ultimutt Pup Pampering Experience

Give your best friend the ultimutt pampering experience with our best-selling Dalmatian shampoo. Packed with essential oils to nourish and protect your dog’s coat, our Yappy shampooch is perfect for pampering your pup! And just when bath time couldn’t be any more tail-waggingly exciting, you can even choose from designs that feature your dog’s name and an exclusive Dalmation icon that looks exactly like your pup! 

The Best Dog Shampoo For Dalmatians

What better way to welcome a new dog to the family, or to show a new dog owner that you’re thinking of them, than by buying the very best shampoo for their Dalmatian! Containing a built-in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5, our Dalmatian shampoo will smooth out any knots, grease and dirt from your pup’s fur, without stripping essential oils from their coat. Take your pooch from shaggy and (slightly) smelly to gloriously shiny with our range of Yappy shampoo.

Personalised Gifts They’ll ‘Woof’

Nothing says I ‘woof’ you more than a personalised gift, and with so many pawfectly personalised dog gifts to choose from - you’ll be spoilt for choice! If you want to go all out and treat your dog to an at-home s’paw day, complete their gift with our fun yet functional grooming accessories. From cuddly bath towels to their very own cologne, you’ll have a thoroughly pampered pooch! 

Once your dog is bathed and feeling beautiful, why not take them out on the town to show off their sleek and shiny new coat? Complete their new look with a personalised dog lead and super cute Dalmatian bandana; they’ll be the talk of the town!