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Dalmatian Cushions

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Dalmatian cushions are a perfect way to add instant style and comfort to any room in your home

Dalmatian Cushions

Dotty about Dalmatians? Dalmatian cushions are a perfect way to add instant style and comfort to any room in your home. Dalmatians on cushions, what’s not to love? Get cosy with our collection of dashing Dalmatian print cushions, and once you’ve spotted your favourite design, make it extra special with customisable options. With a wide array of colours, designs, and personalised styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the most gorgeous Dalmatian cushions to suit you and your home.

Choose a Dalmatian Print Cushion for any Sofa or Bed 

If your Dalmatian has taken you on an extra-long walk, then you’d probably like nothing more than to put your feet up and relax on the sofa. And what’s better than snuggling up to a cosy cushion? A Dalmatian print cushion is a real home comfort for any dog lover, especially when you’re dog-tired.

To ensure supreme comfort, each of our personalised Dalmatian cushions is generously filled with 100% allergy-friendly filler to make them plump and squishy, perfect for you and your pup to snuggle. Choose from high-quality canvas materials or luxuriously soft faux suede to coordinate your soft furnishings and up the comfort levels in any room. And if you’re looking for even more snuggly comfort, check out our soft and cosy Dalmatian blankets.

Go One Step Further with Dalmatian Photo Cushions

Whether you’re a proud dog owner or looking for a unique gift for someone who adores Dalmatians, a personalised cushion is sure to be welcomed with open arms.

To really enhance your home or give the gift of a lifetime, why not opt for a photo upload cushion? With our photo upload feature, you can really make your Dalmatian pillow unique, plus it means you can cuddle your gorgeous dog whenever you feel like it.  

Got a dog lover in the family whose birthday is soon approaching? Treat them to one of our personalised Dalmatian photo cushions to make a unique plushy present! And, if you’re looking for more perfectly personalised gifts for dog lovers, explore our full range of Dalmatian photo gifts and photo frames.