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Personalised Dog Beer, Popcorn & Crisps for your Corgi

Enter your dog's name, select an icon and you'll instantly see EVERYTHING personalised just for your Corgi...

For when you just need a beer with your Corgi

Who's Round Is It Again?

You’re probably used to sharing everything with your Corgi, walks in the park, the remains of your dinner… well, now you can share a drink with them, too! With our delicious Corgi beer, happy-hour has arrived. 

Made with the finest blend of human grade ingredients, our refreshing, beef flavoured dog beer is non-fizzy and, despite the name, alcohol-free (we wouldn’t want to see your Corgi swaying out of your local dog pub). Delicious when slurped on its own or poured over food to heighten flavours and tickle your dog’s taste buds. Bon appétit! 

Whether you’re buying a round as a birthday gift or want to treat your pup to a refreshing drink after a tiring day of playing with their toys or lounging on their dog bed, a sip of our thirst-quenching beer is probably just what the dogtor ordered. 

We've even got Popcorn and Crisps to have with the beer!

Our customisable labels are pawfect for adding that personal touch to your dog’s beer - add their name and a Corgi dog icon to their bottle so other pups know to keep their paws off! To really get the pawty started, our bandanas are great for furry fashionistas who want to stand out from the pack.