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Border Collie Grooming

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Find everything you need to pamper your dog from our range of Border Collie grooming accessories

Border Collie Grooming

Does your Border Collie like to roll around and get mucky on your outdoor adventures? Don’t worry, our Border Collie grooming range will have your pup looking and smelling fresh in no time! Not only is bath time a necessity when it comes to Collie’s wellbeing, but it can be a fun activity for you to bond over too. Whether you’re shopping for a brush for your Border Collie or a snuggly dog towel, find everything you need to keep your pup looking fur-bulous.

Grooming for Border Collies

When it comes to grooming for Border Collies, we’ve got you covered! Your Border Collie will scrub up wonderfully with our moisturising, lavender-scented soap, and what better way to dry them off after a trip to the bathroom spa than with a personalised towel? They'll feel truly pampered snuggled up to a soft towel that’s made just for them. For that finishing touch, how about a spritz of our cologne or fragrance? Your best bud will be smelling fresh as daisies with our Border Collie grooming accessories!

Personalised Border Collie Shampoo 

What better way to treat your furry friend than to make them feel furresh and fluffy! Even better, you can add a fun personal touch to your Border Collie grooming accessories with cute custom features. With options to add your pup’s name and icon to their grooming products, they’ll feel seriously cared for. From soft and snuggly towels, deep-cleaning dog shampoo, and even a bathroom sign to remind everyone to wash their paws, we’ve got everything you need to ensure a splashing good time.

Brushes for Border Collies 

Searching for a brush for your Border Collie to keep their locks looking luscious? Our Slicker dog brush is a fur-bulous choice when it comes to keeping your Border Collie’s coat neat and tidy, plus it’ll help remove excess dirt too. If you’d prefer a Border Collie brush that’s gentle on their fur, then our palm brush is the pawfect option – not only will it remove your dog’s loose hairs but it’ll give them a nice massage too, dreamy!

Grooming your Collie for a special occasion? Why not complete your dog's look with an adorable personalised bandana? They’ll be the talk of the pawty!

Yappy Inside and Out

There’s nothing like seeing your dog with a shiny, glossy coat and smelling sweet! To help keep your pup happy and healthy, make sure to check out our range of Border Collie supplements to give their well-being a boost too. Our vet-formulated supplements for dogs are available for a range of needs, from puppy supplements to everyday vitamins to help keep your Border Collie tail-waggingly happy and healthy.