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Border Collie Blankets

Enter your dog's name, select an icon and you'll instantly see EVERYTHING personalised just for your Border Collie...

Shop our range of Border Collie throw blankets, ideal for the home and your dog's bed!

Border Collie Blankets

We’ve rounded up our very best Border Collie blankets to offer every dog and dog lover the blankets of their dreams! Whether you want to make your dog’s bed extra comfy or you’re shopping for a luxuriously soft blanket to furnish your home, our range of Border Collie throw blankets is sure to have your new favourite homeware addition.

Border Collie throw blankets with that personal touch

With a personalised Border Collie blanket, you can instantly add an extra layer of comfort to your sofa, your bed, and even your dog’s bed.

Browse our bundle of Border Collie throw blankets and be wow-ed by personalised designs that let you add your dog’s name, their Yappy icon or silhouette, and even their cute photo to create the ulti-mutt Border Collie photo gift. With lots of colours and designs to choose from, finding the perfect blanket just became a walk in the park.  

Make your Collie feel at home

Does your dog love to rest their paws for a snooze any chance they can? Our Collie throw blankets are made from lightweight soft fleece materials, perfect for keeping your Border Collie snug and warm without getting too hot.

And for next-level comfort, we also stock premium Sherpa fleece Border Collie blankets, which are luxuriously soft and snuggly, ideal for cooler nights.

Keep your dog close with personalised gifts

Is there anything better than being cosy with your dog for company? It’s no wonder our Border Collie throw blankets are a big hit with dog lovers! For more ways to transform your home into a cosy canine kingdom, check out our Border Collie cushions and personalised aprons.