Yappy Donates Dog Coats to Street Paws

On a chilly afternoon in April, Yappy attended a Street Paws outreach session in Ashton, Manchester to donate warm dog coats and to see the amazing charity in action.

Thanks to Street Paws, many homeless people in Manchester and across the UK are given a helping hand when it comes to caring for their beloved pets.

We’re Yappy to support Street Paws!

Here’s how we got on

Street Paws is made up of over 200 veterinary volunteers across the UK who do incredible voluntary work to support homeless people and their dogs by offering them access to free vet care, advice, and vital services.

On their monthly outreach sessions, the charity dishes out everything from dog food, to leads, collars and coats. They also provide a number of treatments that might not be otherwise accessible, such as flea treatments and microchipping.

Armed with a bundle of snuggly dog coats, we were so happy to join the charity on one of their outreach sessions and to offer the lovely dogs some new coats to keep them warm, and other treats too!

The team from Street Paws were so supportive to the vulnerable dogs and owners they met with and it was great to see them hard at work to assist the homeless people with their dogs by microchipping, as well as offering flea treatments and advice.

We’d like to give Street Paws a huge round of appaws for their rebarkable work and for letting us join them on one of their outreach sessions!

Street Paws’ 247,000 Step Challenge

To celebrate their 6th birthday, Street Paws has launched a 274,000 step challenge to help raise awareness for the charity and homelessness in the UK. Supporters are encouraged to walk, jog, and even dance their way to reach their step count!

If you’re wondering why 247,000 steps, it’s because recent figures estimate that more than 247,000 people in England are currently homeless.

To support the challenge, Street Paws have even recruited Antilly, the German Shephard who plays Brandy in the popular Ricky Gervais Netflix series Afterlife, and her owner Ashley.

In the show, it’s clear how important the loving bond is between people and their dogs, and this is especially true for homeless people and their treasured dogs, which is why the work that Street Paws do is so important.

Want to participate? Click here for more information.

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