What Happens if You Don't Play With Your Dog?

What’s a dog's favourite thing? Toys? Treats? Nope, it’s walkies! Your pup absolutely loves spending time with you exploring the outside world, taking in all of their environment, and being able to burn some energy while they do it. Walking is a perfect way of bonding with your pup and so is playing indoors with them too. But what happens if you don’t play with your dog? Continue reading to find out.

Why exercise is important for your dog

Just like humans, it is important for a dog to get enough exercise in order to remain healthy. So take them on a dog walk. According to the PDSA, regular exercise is incredibly important for pups because it helps to keep them in shape and is key in ensuring their mental health is in a good state.

An active, fit dog is much less likely to suffer from conditions like arthritis, obesity and even behavioural issues.

What happens if you don’t play with your dog?

As well as health, exercise is important for ensuring that your pup behaves themself. An unfit dog will become a bored and naughty dog, and nobody wants that!

A study by Bristol University found that play is the key to a dog’s wellbeing. The study of 4,000 dog parents showed that dogs who don’t get lots of exercise or play suffer from behavioural issues that lead to anxiety and aggression.

Problems with behaviour can also lead to an increase in whining, pulling at the lead, jumping up at you and other people, and not coming back to you when their name is called.

So, it shows just how important exercise and play is. Get your pup some toys and play with them in the house and always try to make walkies interesting!

How much exercise does your dog need?

The amount of exercise your pup needs will depend on a few factors, including their breed, age, fitness, health and even personality. Some dogs require a lot more exercise than others purely because of their personality, while other pups might be a little lazier!

What breed is your dog?

The breed of your dog plays an important role in figuring out how much exercise they need. Some pups need between one and two hours of exercise every day, while others need more. Working breeds like Boxers, Dobermans, Great Danes and Huskies need significantly more.

Dog breeds with flat faces like Pugs, Shih Tzus and Bulldogs need just as much exercise as other breeds but they often struggle with their breathing because of the shape of their face.

How old is your dog?

While your pup is growing, it’s important that you slowly introduce them to exercise so you can protect their joints. Too much exercise too soon can actually be detrimental to your pup’s joints. So ease them in, no matter how exciting it might be!

When your dog is ageing, you’ll know them best and their limitations in terms of how far they can walk. Always remember to take it easy and don’t overdo it.

Does your dog have any health problems?

If your dog is injured or poorly, then they won’t need as much exercise as normal. Rest should take precedence in this instance. While they’re recovering, try to find other ways of keeping them entertained so they don’t get bored or restless.

What does your dog enjoy doing?

Finally, you have to know what they like. Some dogs don’t really like to play fetch but others think it’s paw-some! Some dogs would love to run alongside you as you cycle or go for your daily jog. Keep them interested and do things that they enjoy.

Walkies with Yappy

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