Reasons Why Your Dog Stops Walking and Lays Down on Dog Walks

Have you ever been on walkies with your pup and they’ve suddenly stopped walking and laid down on the floor? It can be frustrating, especially when you ask them to get up and they ignore you, but there is a reason for their behaviour. To find out why your dog stops walking and lays down on a walk, continue reading our helpful guide.

Reasons why your dog lies down on walks

Walkies are a woofly way to spend some quality time with your dog. But they can quickly become tiresome when your dog refuses to walk and lays down every couple of steps! However, there has to be a reason for your dog’s behaviour for them to suddenly stop walking (which is one of their favourite things to do in the whole world!).

Here are the possible reasons why your dog stops walking and lays down while out and about:

  • Pain or an injury

  • Fear

  • Collar or harness is uncomfortable

  • Overwhelmed

  • Tired

  • Weather

  • Doesn’t want it to end

Pain or an injury

The first reason why a dog lies down on a walk could be down to an injury or them feeling some sort of pain. 

Maybe they’ve stepped on a sharp stone or a thorn and their paw is hurting. They may even have run through a bush and a branch has scratched them along their body somewhere. Unfortunately, pups don’t know how to communicate fully with humans so can’t adequately explain what the problem is.

If you suspect your dog has picked up an injury or is hurting somewhere, give them a good look over, checking their paws, ears and under their fur.


Another reason for them lying down could be that they’re scared of something. Are you walking in a particularly noisy area with lots of cars and people? Or are there other, bigger dogs around that are giving them a bit of a fright? If you suspect your pup is scared, try to lead them away from that area and offer them some reassurance to calm them and give them a sense of security.

Collar or harness is uncomfortable

Is their collar or harness too tight, or even too loose? Your pup could be lying down on the floor to let you know that their walking gear is uncomfortable. It could be because it’s either too tight or not tight enough, so is pulling on their fur. Give their walking gear a check to make sure everything is where it should be. Once fixed, they could be ready for another round of fetch!


Some pups can be a tad overwhelmed while out for walkies, whether it’s the sights or smells. For inexperienced walkers, lots of moving cars, people and other dogs can be very overwhelming for little ones. If this is your pup, head somewhere quieter where you can both play together without your pup having to worry about their surroundings.


Another reason for your pup lying down on their walk could be tiredness, which is understandable if you’ve been out for a while. Have they been following you around on your jog or while cycling? Or have you been out for a couple of hours chasing tennis balls? Either way, your pup could just be very tired and struggling on the walk back home. If you can, pick them up and head home - they’ll love their mummy or daddy cuddle!


Wherever you live you’re bound to experience extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, and that can seriously affect your walks. If it’s too hot or too cold out, your dog will feel it every step with their paws directly on the floor.

You’ll be wearing some sort of footwear but your pup won’t be, so will feel the heat or cold from the floor. After a while, they may just get fed up with it and lie down, letting you know their frustration. Before a walk, check the weather to see if it’s a safe dog walking temperature.

Doesn’t want it to end

Finally, a possible reason for your dog lying down on their walk is that they simply don’t want it to end! They’ve had so much fun with their mum and dad, chasing you around, wagging their tail, catching a ball and hunting for sticks that they just don’t want to go home.

If that’s the case, maybe stay out a little longer or try to bribe them with some treats back at home!

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