Why Won't My Dog Eat Out of a Metal Bowl?

Have you noticed recently that your dog has stopped eating or is reluctant to eat from their metal bowl? There could actually be a reason for it, rather than them just going off the idea of it and demanding a new bowl! Of course, there is a wide variety of dog bowl choices and varieties on the market, including personalised dog bowls, but metal variants are very common. If you’d like to find out why your dog doesn’t like a metal bowl, continue reading our helpful guide.

Reasons why a dog may not like a metal bowl

A dog not liking a metal bowl may seem like strange behaviour because, at the end of the day, it’s still the same food they always enjoy, right?

Well, a metal bowl can actually be slightly off-putting for some pups, creating fear and frustration. Here are some reasons why your dog doesn’t like their metal bowl:

  • Scared of the bowl

  • Noises and vibrations

  • Prefer to eat off the floor

  • Fussy

Scared of the bowl

Believe it or not, some dogs can actually be quite scared of their metal food bowl. In some cases, a pup can actually see their reflection while eating out of the bowl. This can be distracting and even, in some cases, produce some level of fear because they’re unsure of what that ‘other dog’ they can see is doing.

Noises and vibrations

A metal bowl can also cause constant distracting noises from the clanging of their collar. Dogs are clever little boys and girls, but even small things like a collar knocking on a metal bowl can confuse them occasionally. So it’s understandable that they’d get frustrated and even upset with the bowl during meal times. 

If the metal bowl is near a washing machine or even in the living room next to the television or speakers, the noise from these appliances can cause a vibration in the bowl. This is another thing to put them off during meal times.

Constant noises and disruptions during meal time that your pup associates with the metal bowl are more than enough reason for them to stop wanting to eat from it. If their bowl is near a noisy appliance, move it somewhere quieter and take their collar off during meal times. Hopefully, that can help your paw-some little friend feel much more comfortable.

Prefer to eat off the floor

All dogs are hilarious and have their little traits and some just don’t like bowls. Lots of dogs prefer to eat off the floor. We’re not entirely sure why but they love it!

Has your dog ever tipped their bowl over on purpose and proceeded to eat off the floor? They may just prefer it, funnily enough! Think about purchasing a feeding mat and pour some dry biscuits out on top of them to see if they prefer that - it might just be the solution to your problem.


Now, our final reason why your dog doesn’t like a metal bowl is that they could be plain fussy. Is your pooch a bit of a diva? Maybe they just want a different bowl! It doesn’t matter to them that you’ve put in lots of effort to pick out special bowls, mats and a specific area for them to eat. They just love to make things more difficult - but you still adore them anyway!

Try a different type of dog bowl to see if that’s the cause behind their decision not to eat out of a metal bowl.

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