The Best Thank You Gifts for Dog Lovers

Choosing the perfect thank you gifts for dog lovers isn’t always a walk in the park, but with our helpful gift guide, we’re positive that you’ll soon have your pawfect thank you gifts in the bag.

Simply scroll down to find the best, most thoughtful (and incredibly pawsome) personalised thank you gifts for dog lovers from Yappy!

Thank You Gifts for Every Dog Lover

Are you shopping for a thank you gift for a teacher who loves dogs, a friend who looked after your fur baby while you were away, or perhaps a thoughtful gift for your dog walker who takes your pooch for walkies come rain or shine? Whomever you’re buying for, at Yappy we have a huge range of thank you gifts for dog lovers that are sure to be warmly received.  

From personalised dog cushions and mugs that feature your chosen dog’s icon (we have over 300 dog breeds to choose from!) to unique dog storybooks that you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll soon discover the best thank you gifts to wow your loved ones.  

Personalised Dog Cushions 

Is there a better way to say thank you to a dog lover, than by giving them a relaxing gift that stars their favourite furry friend? Encourage them to sit back and relax into one of our wonderfully comfy dog cushions! These cushions are generously filled with allergy-friendly filler to make them super plump and squishy, ready to be cuddled, leaned on, and provide luxurious comfort.

Not only are Yappy’s dog cushions ridiculously comfy, but they’re available in a huge range of personalised styles and colours so you can confidently choose the best design that’ll suit the person you’re giving thanks to (plus it’ll give their home an instant pup-grade too).

Personalised Dog Mugs

There’s nothing like being given a personalised gift that matches your tastes to a tee. Or in this case, we should say to a tea! Yappy’s mug collection is chock-a-block with designs to make every type of dog lover smile.

Choose from hilarious designs and cute slogan prints, all of which can be customised with the face of your cute pooch, and even their name and gorgeous photo! If you’re shopping for the best thank you gift for a dog lover who’s a teacher, then a cute custom dog mug is the perfect way to fuel their working day.

Personalised Dog Books 

If you’re looking to wow a dog lover with the gift of a lifetime, then look no further than Yappy’s range of personalised dog books. From the front cover to the final page, each book is fully personalised with a host of adorable features to make your chosen dog the star of the story.

From interactive adventure books to wondrous dog storybooks, a dog lover’s book collection isn’t complete without a custom book that features their cute canine.

Discover our widely popular range of boredom-busting search and find books, all of which require you to put your detective skills to the test and find your pooch in amazing, illustrated scenes, keep your eyes peeled for canine cameos and funny parodies too, including Pawris Hilton and Brad Pitbull!

Personalised Dog Notebooks and Mouse Mats

If you’re searching for a thank you gift for a teacher who’s a dog lover, someone who can’t resist getting their hands on a fresh new notebook to scribble their notes in (and shopping lists for their dog), or someone who’s fur-ever sat at their desk, then look no further. Yappy’s personalised dog notebooks and mouse mats are the ultimate way to liven up their desk and inspire ins-paw-ration.


Personalised Dog Cards to Say Thank You 

Just imagine the look on the recipient’s face when they see their special personalised dog card, they’ll woof it! There’s no denying that sending a thank you card is a thoughtful yet super easy way to show your gratitude. And with so many unique and cute designs to choose from, these are the kind of cards that’ll stay proudly on display for a long time.

Whether you’re thanking someone for pup-sitting or helping you with another important task, you can’t go wrong with a thank you note that features an adorable dog. Yappy even has a special range of thank you cards especially dedicated to saying thank you to a dog lover, pawfect!

Thank You Gifts for the Dog

Hear us out, as dog lovers ourselves, we at Yappy think dog gifts don’t just have to be reserved for humans who are mutts about dogs. Oh no, pups deserve pressies too! If you’re looking to spoil a pooch in your life, then don’t forget to check out our range of toys and treats, they’re a fun (and tasty) way to say thank you to a dog for being simply pawsome.



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