How Soon Can I Walk my Dog After Neutering?

After your dog has been through the process of castration, many dog mums and dads wonder how long it is until they can get back outdoors and enjoy some lovely long walks with their best buddy.

Well, to find out how soon you’re able to go for walkies, and other information about your pup’s neutering, continue reading our helpful guide below.

How soon is too soon?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a general answer to the question of how soon you can walk your dog after neutering. While some pups can get up and out of the house within just a few days, most dogs tend to take a lot longer and can even take up to 14 days. It’s best to assume that your canine friend will take the best part of two weeks to get back to full mobility and fitness in order to comfortably go for a dog walk. As you can imagine, it’s best not to rush this process.

Recommended timeline of recovery

If you’ve just got your pup home from the vet after their neutering, here’s how their recovery should go, starting from the first 24 hours.

24 hours:

Your canine friend will be at their most uncomfortable during the first day. They will probably feel drowsy due to the anaesthesia and won’t have the energy to move; this is just a time to rest.

Two days:

Dogs must have complete rest up to 48 hours after surgery. Some dogs can regain their strength at this point, but there is still a very high risk of infection.

72 hours:

You may have a check-up three days after neutering and, while the affected area might be healing well at this point, your pup’s health and stitches still need to be monitored. Depending on your dog’s energy, you might be able to try very small walks inside your home.

10 days:

Up to 10 days after the procedure, dogs can have light exercise in a controlled area, like your home. You can also start walking for short distances, but you must be careful about overdoing it and pushing your pup too far. Depending on how your pup’s recovery is going, you may be able to start going for normal outdoor walks soon.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s recovery at any point, then it’s always best to consult your vet for professional medical advice.

Risks of walking your dog too early

Neutering your pup is a major operation and it takes a toll on their body. Hence why they require a long time to recover before returning to normal activities. The last thing anybody wants is to push their pup too far too soon and risk injury.

Here’s a list of problems you’d be risking if you took your pup for a walk too soon after neutering:

Increased swelling:

Walking too soon can produce an increase in swelling in the affected area which can provide a lot of pain for your pup.

Reopening the wound:

Swelling around the area can eventually lead to the chance of reopening the wound, which would also cause pain and more.

High risk of infection:

Reopening the wound would put your dog at a high risk of infection. There is a lot of bacteria outside and an open wound not only produces a lot of pain, but puts your pup at a very high risk of picking up an infection. This can cause huge problems.

Fatigue and muscle breakdown:

Dogs need to rest after their procedure to give their muscles a chance to regain strength. They’re also more tired following their operation, so walking too soon can lead to greater fatigue. This in turn can affect their muscles and lead to them breaking down.

All of the above risk factors can not only lead to complications post-operation, but can also cause more pain for your pup, and nobody wants that!

As mentioned earlier, if you have any concerns about your pup’s recovery after their operation, please seek professional medical advice from your vet.

How to help your pup regain strength

Now you know about their recovery time and the risks associated with pushing your pup too far too soon, now it’s time to learn how you can help them.

With fatigue and muscle soreness highly probable, recovery can be a difficult time for a dog. But, with love and care from you, they can get through it quickly. When you feel that your dog has more energy, try a light play session with them at home and see if they’ll follow you room to room every now and then. Slowly build up their energy, fitness and strength again.

Ensure you keep them on any medication your vet has prescribed, keep them hydrated with a water bowl nearby so they don’t have far to move, and make sure they’re eating properly. If you have any concerns about their intake of water and food, contact your vet as soon as possible.

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