Why Won’t My Dog Play With Me? 4 Common Reasons Why

A playful pup is a good sign that your dog is happy and healthy, so if you notice your dog has stopped playing, or they play less than usual, then it’s only natural to be concerned.

Keep reading as we explore the common reasons why dogs stop playing, and what you can do to encourage more playtime.

Why won’t my dog play with me?

Naturally, certain breeds of dogs are more energetic than others, some will enjoy walking, socialising, and playing more than others. Often their experiences during their puppy years will determine their behaviours throughout adulthood, so it’s important your puppy has plenty of opportunities to play whilst they’re young.

Allowing your pup to become comfortable in social settings will positively impact their temperament, which will benefit you both in the future.

If you’re wondering why your dog doesn’t play anymore, it may be due to these common reasons:

  • Health issues

  • Old age

  • Fear

  • Low physical activity levels

Now, let’s explore each of these reasons in more detail.

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Health Issues

When you start to notice that your dog doesn’t play anymore, this could be a sign that they’re experiencing underlying health issues. Have you noticed any other recent changes in their behaviour? Maybe they’re not as interested in going on walks or have a poor appetite. If you suspect any of these then we would strongly advise speaking to your vet who will be able to help.

Regardless of age, health issues can have a huge effect on our dogs; sometimes, they can be difficult to notice. If your dog doesn’t play anymore, this could be a sign they’re experiencing discomfort. Dental issues are a common health issue that will impact your pup’s ability to play with their toys.

Just like with us humans, health issues can worsen over time if left untreated. Sometimes it’s handy when you’re on adventures with your pup to find a quick fix before you’re able to seek professional veterinary treatment. Our travel-size first aid kit is an excellent way to be prepared in case you and your dog ever find yourself in a spot of bother. Its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal choice to bring along on walks with your pooch! A pawfect way to provide comfort to minor injuries.

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Old Age

Old age could certainly be one of the reasons why your dog doesn’t play anymore. Certain breeds that aren’t naturally active may experience this once they reach adulthood. Regular socialisation during their puppy years will support your dog in being friendly and playful around new people and other pups!

Make sure you’re always ready for your next adventure with our fabulous selection of dog leads and collars. Personalise yours in a few simple steps and choose your favourite design. Plus, each collar is completely adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

As your pup grows older it’s completely normal for their energy levels to drop. They may not require as many walks as they needed when they were an energetic puppy and now rather than spending hours playing fetch, they might just prefer taking a nap. Ensure you’re always prioritising their comfort with a luxury dog bed for them to put their paws up and get their beauty sleep!

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@franktheboston19 wearing Yappy’s Bone and Paw Pattern: Personalised Fabric Collar

Is Your Dog Afraid to Play?

There’s a chance that your dog doesn’t play anymore because they’re afraid to play, and they may have had a negative experience during play that scared them.

However, there are different ways you can stimulate your dog to play. Ensuring you have a selection of interactive dog toys is a great way to start, as well as giving your pup plenty of positive affirmations so they associate play with happy experiences. Make sure to explore our full range of Yappy toys and make playtime your pup’s favourite time of day!

Why not combine walkies with play? If your pup loves being outdoors in the fresh air, make sure to bring some of their favourite toys along on your next dog walk. You can keep them safe in your personalised dog-walking bag – it’s the perfect place to store all your dog walking essentials.

Some impawtent essentials we often forget to bring on walks are poop bags! So why not stock up on our bio-degradable and leak-free bags? The more you buy the more you save, so make sure to fetch yours today. 

Low Physical Activity Levels

Health issues and old age are both factors that can impact your pup’s activity levels. However, it’s important to provide your dog with the right amount of physical and mental stimulation. Their breed can also affect how much exercise they need to keep healthy.

Short and regular walks are an excellent idea if you suspect your pup is experiencing a low desire for exercise, that way you’re not pushing them too far. It’s important to also consult your vet if you suspect your dog’s low activity levels are unusual and may be a cause for concern.

Make sure you’re always prepared for walkies with your own personalised lead hanger –it’s the ideal place to keep your pup’s lead and collar in easy reach, ready for your next outing!

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Yappy to Help

We hope these reasons help to answer why your dog doesn’t play anymore and give you an idea of how you can encourage your dog to play with you again.

As mentioned above, if you’re concerned about your dog’s behaviour then it’s always best to consult your vet for professional medical advice.

And, if you want to teach your dog to play well with other pooches, then make sure to check out this blog post.

For any further information or if you need help personalising your new goodies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@yappy.com.

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