Why Won’t My Dog Sleep With Me?

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When we cuddle up at night, some of us love our dog jumping up on the bed and joining us for a restful night of sleep. However, for some people, their pup just doesn’t fancy it and actually prefers sleeping on their own bed. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘why won’t my dog sleep with me?’, continue reading our helpful guide for reasons why.

Reasons why your dog doesn’t sleep with you

If your pup prefers to sleep on their own, either downstairs on their own dog bed or anywhere other than on your bed, don’t worry. It could just be their personal preference, or there could be a specific set of factors that you can try to improve.

Here’s a list of reasons why your pup could be avoiding sleeping in your bed:

  • Your bed isn’t comfortable

  • Your bed is too small

  • Spots already taken by other pets

  • Not tired enough

  • Lack of trust

  • Stress

  • Outside distractions

  • Being protective

Your bed isn’t comfortable

The main reason for your dog choosing not to sleep in the same bed as you may simply be down to the fact that it isn’t comfortable enough for them. Your bed may also just not be what they’re looking for.

Like humans, our pups have a preference for the material they’re sleeping on. You may prefer a hard mattress, but your pup may like it softer. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice your own comfort, you may just have to keep your mattress and leave your dog to sleep where they prefer.

Your bed is too small

Another possible reason could be that your bed is too small. You could have a single bed and your pup feels they can’t get comfortable because of a lack of space, or they could simply be too big for the space on offer. A Chihuahua will have more space available to them compared to a German Shepherd, for example!

Spots already taken by other pets

Similar to the above point, there just might not be enough space on the bed for your pup with other animals in the way. If you’ve got other pets in the house, like another pup or a cat that got on the bed first, there may simply be no room left at the inn.

Not tired enough

If you’ve tried to coax your pup upstairs to your bedroom but they’re not following, they may not be tired enough. Try leaving your door open and see if they pop up later on for a cuddle!

Lack of trust

New dogs that have been adopted and puppies may not trust you enough right now to come up to your bedroom. Over time, with bonding, you can build up a good relationship and trust levels, and they may start to come upstairs at bedtime.


Another factor behind your pup’s decision to sleep downstairs could actually be stress. Similar to the above point, a new dog could be feeling some stress about a new household, new people, a new environment and new noises and smells. With care, you can help your dog to settle down and earn their trust.

A loved dog will soon feel at home in their new environment and warm to their new surroundings - and you! Keep caring for them the way you normally would and watch them flourish.

Outside distractions

Are there constant noises outside like cars driving past on a main road, or people walking by? If so, this could be the reason behind your pup’s reluctance to share a bed. They could simply be too distracted by outside noises to lie down upstairs and relax.

Have a think about your surroundings and consider any changes that you can make to help your pup feel more comfortable and safe. After a little while, they may decide to pop upstairs for a pawsome cuddle!

Being protective

Our final reason why your dog may be staying away from your bed is because they could still be focused on guarding and protecting the house. If your dog’s bed is near the front or back door, they could actually prefer sleeping there so they can feel like they’re protecting you and anybody else in the house.

Also, if they’re sleeping in somebody else’s bed in the house, they could be trying to protect them.

Sleep gifts at Yappy

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Cushions can also provide more comfort and a pleasing aesthetic feel to your home. And, if they’re ever staying out for a sleepover somewhere else or you’re heading away for the weekend together, pick up an overnight bag to carry all of their essentials.

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