Should I Take My Dog’s Collar Off At Night?

Your pup will most likely wear a collar at some point in their life since many dogs wear them every day. Dog parents use collars for safety reasons, especially if the unthinkable happens and your canine friend gets lost because a collar can help to identify them. Plus, you can attach leads to them for walkies!

If your pup wears a collar every day, have you thought about taking it off at night? If not, continue reading to find out why you should consider it.

Reasons to take off your dog’s collar at night

It’s recommended that you should remove a dog collar from around their neck at the end of every day. The main reason to do it is for safety in case they catch something on their collar during the night and you’re unable to help them.

Also, imagine the feeling you get when you remove a tight piece of clothing at the end of the day. It’s a feeling of relief that’s comparable to a dog losing their collar for the evening. 

Here are the main reasons why you should take your dog’s collar off at night:

  • Safety

  • Skin irritation

  • Comfort

  • Appearance


When wondering if you should remove your dog’s collar at night, safety is the most pressing concern. Are you a dog parent that likes to let their pup have a free roam of a room or two at night? If so, they could quite easily catch their collar on something and struggle to get loose. The last thing you want is for them to be in any danger at night while you’re asleep and potentially unable to help.

In truth, you should consider freeing your pup from their collared shackles any time you’re in the house together and not just at night time.

Skin irritation

Some pups are very sensitive and when they get wet or muddy the collar might start to cause some skin irritation. We don’t want that! When our skin is irritated it’s frustrating, but we have creams and other measures to remedy it. If your pup has skin irritation, all they can do is scratch it which only makes it worse - oh no!

Consider removing their collar at night time to prevent unnecessary skin irritation and allow their fur to breathe, which can also prevent fur matting.


Another reason to take off your pup’s collar at bedtime is purely for comfort. Would you want restrictive clothing on when you head up to bed? Don’t restrict your woofly friend then either. Imagine you were trying to get in a comfortable position and were unable to take off a piece of clothing to improve the situation? You’d end up with a very poor night’s sleep!


When dogs wear collars for long periods of time, it can make a permanent mark on the lining of their fur and affect their appearance. Many dog parents love to think their pup is the most handsome around (you’re right, they are!) and a collar can sometimes change their appearance. 

While it’s actually a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar in public (with their owner’s name and address attached to an ID tag), if you’re in the house with your pup, let them free and remove the collar!

How tight should a dog collar be?

If you’re putting a collar on your pup, then you should know how tight a dog collar should be. You would think it would be simple, but there are a wide variety of sizes, types, styles and functions - not to mention colours!

The rule you should remember when putting your dog’s collar on their beautiful little self is that it shouldn’t be too tight, but also not too loose. Consider the Two Finger Rule. Using two fingers, slide them in between your pup’s collar and their neck. If your fingers slide in easily but are snug, then the collar fit is perfect. If you have to force your fingers in, then it’s definitely too tight. On the other hand, if there’s absolutely no resistance then it’s too loose.

If your pup’s collar is too loose, they’ll soon figure this out and find ways to wriggle out of it. Also, if it’s too tight there is a risk of strangulation if they get caught on something. A tight collar can also lead to irritation or even a neck muscle injury.

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