Meet the UK’s Most Famous Dogs in the Workplace

Since the end of lockdown, more dog owners than ever are taking their dogs to the office, with around one in five bringing a furry friend into the workplace on a regular basis.

However, here at Yappy we’ve always had a dog-friendly office and welcome our pups with open paws. Now, thanks to a series of viral social media videos, we’re claiming to have the most famous office pupstars in the country. Come and meet our pack!

Introducing Yappy’s social media stars 

As well as using in-house office dogs within all promotional work, including YouTube videos, website images and social media, Yappy’s pack of office dogs recently racked up an astonishing 1.5m views on TikTok with three new videos featuring their office antics and playful personalities. The popular clips have trended globally and accounted for 177 days of viewing time by dog-loving audiences across 11 countries.

The ultimutt list of essentials in a dog-friendly office

To help out other dog owners thinking of taking their pet to work, has created the ultimutt list of office essentials to have when introducing dogs in the workplace, with some tips on how to create the pawfect office environment for dogs and humans.

Pet First Aid Kit (£9.99)

While we hope your pup won’t run into any problems when joining you at the office, it’s a good idea to have your own pet first aid kit on hand. This essential kit includes items such as scissors, safety pins, tweezers, sting relief and much more. 

 Personalised dog-friendly chocolates (£8.99)

It’s a good idea to keep a few dog treats at your desk as an occasional treat for rewarding good behaviour. These yummy disco discs and mouse-shaped choccies come in their own personalised tin, customised with your dog’s name and icon (so the rest of the office keeps their paws off!)

Personalised Dog Bed (£39.99)

Not only is this bed wonderfully comfy, it’s personalised especially for your dog and will help create a cosy dog-friendly office environment. Starring your pet’s name, plus our peeking puppy icon, it's the pawfect place for your pooch to rest while you work hard. 

Personalised Dog Bowl (£16.99)

This stunning dog bowl features a exclusive icon as well as your dog's name, it’s also available in four pawesome colours - pawfect for any home or dog-friendly office and not to be confused with anyone else’s bowl! 

Eco-friendly Poop Bags (£3.99)

There’s no such thing as the office poop fairy so make sure you pack plenty of these ultra-strong essential poop bags. Yappy’s eco-friendly poop bags are made from 100% bio-degradable material and the core of each roll is made using recycled cardboard too.

Personalised Dog Walking Bag (£14.99)

During a busy day at the office, the best thing you can do whilst having your furry friend with you is to be prepared at all times. Why not try a walking bag or a dog tote bag, pre-packed with all the essentials, including your poop bags and first aid kit, to ensure that a quick lunchtime stroll is exactly that!

Top tips for ensuring ‘pawsitive’ office vibes

Having dogs in the workplace can boost morale, improve employee well-being and reduce stress levels. It also provides a daily fix for team members who can’t have their own dog at home due to personal circumstances and restrictions of living in rented accommodation.

Here’s some advice from our dog-loving team on creating a dog-friendly office and tips to ensure a harmonious working environment:

  • Rotate the days that you take your dog into the office with other colleagues so there aren’t too many dogs in the workplace on any given day – this will be dependent on the size and set-up at your place of work

  • Keep your dog on a lead except for regular off-lead play times when they can let off some energy and zoom around the office space! 

  • Ensure there are lots of toys, treats and a comfy bed available as well as a supply of fresh water at all times 

  • Be prepared for emergencies and minor injuries in the office by taking part in a canine first aid course and keep a dog first aid kit such as this handy compact version containing 36 useful items for treating minor injuries until professional treatment is sought

  • It’s tempting to want to pet team members’ dogs but never disturb them when they are sleeping and settled   

  • Don’t leave handbags or other bags open on the floor – sniffing noses will find any hidden human treats such as chocolate which is dangerous to dogs

  • Walk and talk! Consider a walking meeting with the dogs – it’ll keep you and your furry friend mentally and physically stimulated, plus it’s often more productive than a sit-down meeting

  • Draft a ‘dog-friendly office policy’ that all dog owners sign up to – this ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of dogs and owners, it can also include some basic rules for office dog etiquette to keep everyone happy!

Treat your pup with pawsome gifts

Why not treat your pup with some personalised dog gifts from Yappy! We have a wide range of gifts you can choose from for your canine companion.

Pick up a cute dog bandana or personalised blankets and dog cushions - perfect for making your pooch super comfy in the office.

If you’d like to know more about what Yappy offers, don’t hesitate to contact us on

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