Do Dogs Need Blankets? 4 Cosy Reasons Why They Benefit

A cosy dog blanket is a wonderful thing. Besides warmth, a blanket can provide your pup with a feeling of comfort and security.

Whether your pup chooses to burrow under their blanket, wrap themselves up like a burrito or simply lay on top, we believe all dogs can benefit from the extra cosy layer.

So, if you’re wondering, does my dog need a blanket at night? We would absolutely say yes!

Read on to learn more about the reasons why a blanket is a must-have in every dog’s life.

Do Dogs Need Blankets? 4 Reasons Why They Do

1. A blanket helps keep your pup warm

This may seem obvious, but a blanket keeps your dog warm! If you’ve got a particularly hairy dog on your hands, you may question whether it ever gets cold and if your dog needs a blanket at night. But the chances are that if you’re cold, your dog will feel chilly too.

Regardless of coat thickness, all dogs can feel the cold, especially at night and during the winter months.

Fur isn’t always enough to keep your dog warm and many dogs will seek out a warm place when it’s time to sleep, so providing them with a blanket to cuddle up to is a lovely way to offer them an extra layer of warmth.

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2. A blanket gives your dog a comfy place to nest

Have you ever noticed your dog circle and scratch at the place where they’re about to settle down? They may have a strong desire to nest and be cosy. This behaviour is very common, and it’s believed to link back to the days before domestication when dogs would seek out a safe, comfortable place to rest for the night.

Providing dogs with blankets is a wonderful way to offer them a safe and cosy space. By creating a cosy nest for your dog - complete with a soft dog blanket and maybe even a dog cushion for them to snuggle - they’ll be likely to return to this spot and will find comfort in having their own cosy area to sleep.

If you’re interested in finding out more about your dog’s sleeping behaviours, check out our post on dog sleeping positions and what they mean.

3. A blanket will keep your dog cosy at night

You may be asking yourself the question, does my dog need a blanket at night? Well, it’s no secret that dogs spend many hours napping and sleeping throughout the day, so providing your pup with a comfortable place to snooze is essential to keep them happy and healthy. And what’s cosier than a super soft fleece blanket? It will elevate your dog’s bed to new luxurious heights of relaxation.

If your dog doesn’t sleep on a bed, providing a blanket for them to lie on is especially important. Wooden floors, tiles and laminate flooring can be uncomfortable for your pup to sleep on, especially for older dogs, so they’ll appreciate the extra layer of comfort.

4. A dog blanket offers a comfy way to travel

Off on a day trip in the car? Travel can be stressful for dogs, so making their journey as comfortable as possible is a must. A soft dog blanket gives your canine something to cuddle up to and settle on when you hit the road. Our calming supplements for dogs will also help your pup feel more relaxed when travelling.

As an added bonus for us humans, laying a blanket or even a dog towel in your car means fewer dirty paw marks after those particularly muddy walks! 

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Fetch your personalised dog blanket today

As well as keeping you and your pup cosy and secure, our comfy blankets feature fully personalised designs that allow you to add your dog’s name and their special yappicon or silhouette too!

Whether you’re looking for a fun design, complete luxury, or you’re searching for a dog blanket to match your fur-nishings, our personalised range is sure to have your new favourite homeware addition.

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Do dogs need blankets? We think it’s safe to say every dog could benefit from having a cosy comfort blanket to snuggle up to! We’d love to see your pup snoozing alongside their personalised blanket.

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