7 Reasons Why Your Dog Has a Dry Nose and How to Treat It

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Does your dog have a dry nose? Don’t worry, this is quite common, particularly in older dogs.

To help make your dog’s nose wet and velvety smooth again, we’ve listed the common causes of nose dryness and the easy ways to treat it.

Why is a Wet Nose Important?

While a dry nose may be perfectly normal and not always a cause for concern, it’s believed that a cool wet nose works better for your dog and is a sign of good health.

Before we get into why your dog has a dry nose, we’ve sniffed out a few facts about your dog’s nose:

  • There are roughly 300 million olfactory receptors in a dog’s nose - these allow your dog to recognise scents. In comparison, humans only have 6 million olfactory receptors.

  • When compared to humans, dogs have a much larger part of their brain dedicated to detecting scents. They take smells very seriously!

  • When your dog’s nose is healthy and working as it should, the moisture will enable them to successfully process scents around them.

  • A sign that your dog is interacting with their surroundings is when they lick their nose (and not just for Tongue Out Tuesday purposes).

Common Causes and Recommended Treatments for your Dog’s Dry Nose

The feel and appearance of your dog’s nose can change throughout the day. It may be moist in the morning, ready to bop you with their wet snout first thing, and then it may feel warm and slightly drier after their afternoon nap.

If you find yourself asking why’s my dog’s nose dry? it’s worth noting any new changes in your dog’s life. Changes within their diet, routine and environment can all impact your dog’s nose dryness.

There are 7 common reasons why your dog’s nose could be dry, which include:

  • Old age

  • Dehydration

  • Sleep issues

  • Weather conditions

  • Allergies

  • Breed-related issues

  • Health issues

Keep reading as we look into each common issue in more detail.

  1. Old Age

As your dog gets older, their age can be a common cause of nose dryness, but a dap of Soft and Smooth Nose and Paw Balm will help to keep it smooth and moist.

Self-care is so important, and of course, this extends to our furry friends too! This pampering balm is a lovely way to give your pup some TLC and the extra attention will make them tail-waggingly happy too.

2. Dehydration

Is your dog drinking enough water? Could their dehydration be caused by over-exercising? Make sure to keep your dog’s bowl filled up high with fresh water to prevent them from getting a dry nose.

If you’re looking for the perfect reminder to keep your dog’s water bowl replenished, check out our range of personalised dog bowls.

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3. Sleep

Your dog may experience a dry nose after snoozing on their dog bed for hours. This is usually nothing to worry about, it’s just that they haven’t been licking their nose while asleep! It’s likely that your dog’s dry nose will be wet again within 10 minutes of waking up.

4. Extreme Weather

Trips to the beach offer the perfect day out for you and your pooch but don’t forget to take extra precautions if you experience a mixture of sunny and windy weather as these are key factors in causing a dry nose.

Applying some moisturising Nose and Paw Balm to your dog’s dry nose after a day out in these weather conditions will help with any discomfort.

Please remember that while the impacts of sunny and windy weather are usually only temporary, frequent exposure could cause greater damage.

5. Allergies

If your dog has allergies, this could be the cause of their dry nose. For treatment to any allergies, we always recommend seeking professional veterinary advice.

6. Breed-Related Issues

Breeds with short snouts can have trouble licking their noses and are therefore more likely to have dry noses.

If you’ve got a pup with a short snout – such as a Bulldog or a Pug – you can boost their nose’s moisture levels by applying some luxurious balm, they’ll look and feel their best in no time! 

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Soft & Smooth Nose and Paw Balm by Yappy.com

7. Underlying Health Issues

Fevers, Canine Distemper or Autoimmune Disease could be more serious causes of your canine’s dry nose. If you’re concerned that your dog could be suffering from any of these illnesses, then it’s wise to consult your vet for professional advice.

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