7 Cute Mother’s Day Activities for Dog Mums

Mother’s Day isn’t just for hoomans, get your doggo involved with these cute activities!

Dog mums and their four-legged friends share a unique bond like no other and their fur babies are very much part of the family (perhaps even their fur-vourite family members in some cases).

So, with Mother’s Day approaching (19th March – mark the calendar!), it’s the pawfect excuse for dog mums to celebrate the love they have for their canine kids and enjoy a special day together.

Are you a proud dog mama? Check out these 7 cute activities you and your pooch can enjoy on Mother’s Day.

1. Go out for brunch

Take the traditional breakfast in bed and go one step further by going out for brekkie or brunch with your dog.

A quick Google search will tell you which places are dog-friendly, and some cafes and restaurants even offer special treats for your pup to enjoy too. A mimosa for mum and a puppuccino for your pooch, pawfect.

This is also a great opportunity for your dog to dress to impress in an adorable bandana. Plus, you could match them for ultimate cute points. 

2. Mother’s Day baking

There are loads of recipes online for pupcakes and dog-friendly treats, including our scrumptious dog-friendly brownies and carrot pupcakes.

Most recipes only call for a handful of ingredients and are easy to whip up – little effort and massive reward? Yes paw-lease! Look the part in a personalised dog apron that stars your dog’s cute face and get ready to make your pooch tail-waggingly happy with freshly baked treats.

3. Let your dog choose a treat

Okay, if baking really isn’t your thing, then there’s no reason why you and your pup still can’t enjoy some treats on Mother’s Day. As many pet shops allow dogs, you could even let your pup sniff out their own treat!

Don’t forget to get yourself something nice to eat too (ideally not from the pet shop), because let’s face it, you deserve it.

Grab your favourite blanket, your treats, and settle down for a cosy evening watching films with your BFF.

4. Take some photos together

We know you don’t need any excuse to take photos of your beautiful doggo but make sure to get involved too! Get snap happy and share the puppy love by sending your friends and family your pawgeous photos, how could they not like that?

Taking a photo together on Mother’s Day could become an annual tradition and it goes without saying that this is a pawfect excuse to dress up.

Share your photos with us too, we’d woof to see them! Simply use #yappypack for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.


5. Create paw print art with your pup

You know how some parents create a print of their child’s hands or feet? There’s no reason not to do the same with your dog’s paws! Not only is this a fun DIY project but it’s a lovely bonding experience and you’ll have created a pawsome memento at the end of it.  

You’ll need:

  • Child-safe (non-toxic) washable body or finger paint

  • Thick sturdy paper  


  • First, make sure your dog’s paws are nice and clean. It’s important to avoid this activity if your pup has any cuts or grazes, so check thoroughly.

  • Dip your dog’s paw in the paint (you can add some water to loosen it up), then gently press it onto the paper. Hold it there for a few seconds.

  • Life your pup’s paw away from the paper, wash it and dry it.

  • You may need to do this a few times to get a print you’re happy with.

No-mess mementos

If you’re after a no-mess method of creating a cute memento, then how about opting for a photo upload gift? Simply choose your favourite photo of your doggo and choose how you’d like to display it – whether that’s in a personalised frame, on a cushion, or even a deck of playing cards!

6. Explore a new walking route

A Sunday stroll with your best furriend, what could be better? To mix things up you could make a day of it and try out a new walking route. The National Trust even has a list of dog-friendly places to visit across the country, from woodland walks to glorious coastlines.

If you’ve got dog mama friends, you could also invite them along on your adventure. It’ll be a good chance for you to chat about important things (a.k.a your pooches) and your dogs can socialise and have a ball playing together.

7. Learn a new trick

Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way to provide them with mental stimulation plus it’s a lovely way to spend quality time together. You’ll also get that proud dog mum feeling when your dog has mastered their new skill!

Fancy teaching your dog to give kisses? It’s the pawfect trick to learn on Mother’s Day, plus it’s one of the easiest tricks to train a dog to do.

Teach your dog to kiss

Some yummy treats are all that you need to teach this simple trick, like peanut butter or cream cheese. You may also want to keep a towel on hand, especially if your dog is known to be a big drooler!

  1. Take a little peanut butter or cream cheese and place a dab on your cheek or hand.

  2. Give the cue phrase "kiss." You can also say something like "give kisses" or "gimme sugar."

  3. Lean toward your dog and let your dog do the rest. The dog should be eager to lick the treat from your cheek or hand.

  4. Practice this dog trick for a few minutes several times throughout the day. It won't be long before your dog comes over to give you a big kiss every time you give the command.

Had enough kisses?

We know some dogs can get a little over-excited, and once you teach them to give kisses it can be tough to get them to stop. In this case, you can put an end to the kisses on command too.

When your dog is kissing you, tell them “enough”. Wait for your dog to stop licking you, and then say "good" and give your pup a treat. Do this each time your dog is giving you kisses, and you'll soon be able to tell your dog to stop licking you whenever the kissing gets out of control.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Dogs Mums

A dog mum’s work is never complete; they’re masters of providing the perfect cuddles and the greatest food. They work tirelessly to support their furry friends and we believe they need to be celebrated!

At Yappy, you can view our extensive range of adorable Mother’s Day gifts for dog mums. Whether you’re looking for cushions, tea towels, dog mugs or notepads, we can help you find the pawfect personalised Mother’s Day gift for dog mums (even if that dog mum is YOU).


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