5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

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The event of the year is coming up! No, we’re not talking about your summer holiday… It’s your dog’s birthday! It’s time to get planning ways to celebrate and spoil your four-legged friend. If you’re struggling with dog birthday ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Continue reading our great guide on dog birthday party ideas, as well as the most pawfect gifts possible.

Dog Birthday Ideas

Spoiling your best bud is so much fun that you can get a little carried away. But who cares? Let loose and show your pup just how much they’re loved and cared for by throwing them a huge birthday party with plenty of fun, colourful gifts.

Here are 5 dog birthday ideas that will show your pooch just how much they’re loved:

  • Throw a dog birthday party

  • Make dog-friendly pupcakes

  • Pick a special outfit

  • Let your pup pick their own gift

  • Find a new trail or adventure

1. Throw a dog birthday party

The first thing you’ve got to do for your pup is throw the most extravagant dog birthday party ever! Invite all your other dog parent friends around and ask them to bring their pups for a full day of pawfect fun.

You can craft and send out personalised birthday party invitations, make all of the woofly guests wear party hats, and even have some games. Have you ever played pass the parcel with dogs? Try it! Although, you might need a few parcels and plenty of wrapping paper if they get a little too excited. But that’s all part of the fun.


2. Bake a dog-friendly birthday cake

As well as a birthday party, you could also bake them a delicious, dog-friendly birthday cake or pupcakes! Make sure to check out our scrumptious recipe for carrot pupcakes too, which can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. You could even top your pup’s cake with candles and they can make a special wish (for dog treats, probably).

Baking your dog their very own pupcake is a great dog birthday idea because it’s an extra special treat. If you don’t fancy baking you could always try an alternative type of cake - you could cook up a delicious juicy steak just for your pup!


3. Pick a special outfit

What good is a party if your pup isn’t dressed for the occasion? Pick out an outfit that will make your bestie look dashing and beautiful for their guests. A sparkly dress for your little princess or a smart suit for your gentleman will make for the cutest pictures.

You could even consider outfit changes throughout the day to really spoil them!


4. Let your pup pick their own gift

Another great dog birthday idea is to let them pick out a gift or two of their own. Instead of picking what you think they’ll like from a store, allow your pup to sniff and inspect all the toys in front of them. They’ll be sure to let you know which ones they prefer.

Why not spoil them and let them pick whatever they like? You can still get them dog toys or even a cool-looking dog bandana alongside their main choice.

5. Find a new trail or adventure

Finally, our fifth great dog birthday idea is to head out on a new adventure. Whenever you go for walkies, you’ll generally tend to go in the same direction and in the same locations, purely for ease and because you know your pup loves it.

Well, for their birthday why not research some local spots (or ones further afield) and take them there for an extra special adventure? Before you head out for your journey, though, make sure you’re stocked up on poop bags, a travel first aid kit and a walking bag to hold all your essentials.

Don’t Fur-get the Card


Okay, so we know that technically, dogs can’t read, but that doesn’t mean your pup should miss out on getting a card on their birthday. Not only is a birthday card for your dog a lovely way to honour your best bud’s big day, but they’re furbulous for a photo opportunity and you can keep the card to always remember the special occasion.


Yappy’s most popular gifts

Finally, if you’re still struggling to think of paw-fect gifts for your pup’s birthday, you can check out our most popular gifts at Yappy. We have a fun personalised card game called Barkboozle, which is a game all about your pup!

Another fun idea could be this Your Dog Breaks the Internet: Dog Board Game. Imagine how fun it would be for dog parents to play a board game all about their very own dog - paw-some!

There’s so much more to get at Yappy for a little pup and dog parents. So check out our full range of personalised gifts.

If you’d like to know more about what Yappy offers, don’t hesitate to contact us on help@yappy.com.

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