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Shar-Pei Breed Summary

Laid-back, Calm, Adaptable, Loving, Independent

These doggies are recognisable all over the world, thanks to their unique wrinkly faces and their blue tongues! Additionally, they have a very bristly coat, though it looks like it should be soft. They are also very old and potentially one of the oldest in the world!

Nowadays, these doggies are less wrinkly than they used to be when they first came out of China in the 1970's! Breeders have been able to reinstate the breed, both in terms of popularity and removing may of the health issues that they used to suffer with as well.

Fun Fact: They are one of the most expensive dogs (to buy and look after) in the world!

Kennel Club Group Utility
Lifespan 9 - 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 46cm - 56cm
Weight Males 25kg - 29kg, Females 18kg - 25kg
Coat Harsh, Straight Coat, Standing Off The Body. Soft in Appearance, However, Short and Bristly to Touch
Colour Apricot, Apricot Dilute, Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Chocolate Dilute, Cream, Cream Dilute, Fawn, Fawn Dilute, Isabella, Lilac, Red, Red Dilute, Red Fawn, Sable
Eye colour Dark
Common health issues Familial Shar Pei Fever (FSF), Amyloidosis, Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), Entropion, SPAID, Excessive wrinkling, Bowed legs, Joint luxations, Hip dysplasia, Kidney disease, IgA deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Ear issues, Swollen hock syndrome
Other Names Chinese Shar-Pei

These unique looking doggies make lovely family pets. Shar-Pei's are extremely laid-back and calm, meaning that they can live happily in both small houses and apartments. They also make fantastic guard dogs due to their rich history, where they have been both guardians and fighting dogs. However, these guys must be taught to not overreact to people and animals through extensive training as a pup, this way they can be taught that their owners are the boss and it will stop them becoming overly-stubborn! 

This doggy is thought to be amongst the oldest in the world with statues from around 200B.C. depicting a very similar looking dog. Many scientists agree that this breed is ancient although there is no decisive proof of this. They originated in Southern China but after the creation of the People’s Republic of China much of the dog population was wiped out and it was only due to a breeder in Hong-Kong that the breed still exists today! They eventually made their way to the States in 1973 and have since become a fairly popular dog, known worldwide for their unique appearance. The meaning behind the breeds name ‘Shar-Pei’ actually translates to ‘sand skin’, which refers to the breeds distinct bristly coat. Grooming is also relatively easy with these guys as they are naturally clean. Just keep an eye out on their wrinkly faces as they can be more prone to skin problems and may need an extra bit of care!