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Norwegian Buhund Breed Summary

Loyal, Protective, Alert, Gentle and Friendly

Norwegian Buhunds are very happy and high-spirited doggies who absolutely love playtime! They were bred as herding dogs who would often work for most of the day so need plenty of exercise in order to remain fit and healthy. Additionally, they need lots of physical and mental stimulation aswell, to keep their bodies and minds active.

They are prone to developing separation anxiety and so need someone to be around for most of the day. However, their weariness of strangers means that they make great watchdogs and are highly dependable.

Fun Fact: They belong to the Spitz family!

Kennel Club Group Pastoral
Lifespan 12 to 15 Years
Height (at the withers) Males and Females 40.5cm - 46cm
Weight Males and Females 12kg - 18kg
Coat Coats are Double with a Soft, Dense uUndercoat and a Thick, Hard Outercoat
Colour Pale Cream to Bright Orange
Eye colour Dark
Common health issues Eye Issues, Hip Dysplasia

These doggies make extremely loyal companions. They absolutely love their 'hoomans' and will do all they can to protect them from potential threats, making them very good watchdogs! They also don't tend to bark too much, unless for very good reason, so you can be double sure that they make excellent watchdogs. However, they are a very friendly breed and are very happy to get along with all manner of people, including other animals as well. They are also very gentle and calm around children, which makes them great family pets!

Norwegian Buhunds originate from the Coasts of Norway, and can be traced back to 900 AD, making them an extremely old breed! It's thought that the Vikings traveled with the breed as they were found buried in Viking Graves. They were originally bred to hunt large predators, like bears and sometimes even Wolves! Additionally, they were used to herd and guard sheep, as well as guarding homes and farms as well! But nowadays, they are more than happy chilling out and enjoying home life. They are a fairly unknown breed outside of their native country, but from setting up a selective breeding program, many of the dogs are extremely well-bred.